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Abuja to Akure by Flight

Abuja to Akure by Flight

Flight from Abuja to Akure is done daily by different Airlines. Direct and connecting flights from other regions will convey you to Abuja (ABV).

Do you have the intention of traveling to Akure from Abuja by flight but appear to be naive with Flight tickets, time of flight, and airlines that convey people to Akure?

This article will avail all the necessary information required to make a safe trip from Abuja to Akure.

Interesting Facts about Akure City

Akure is a city located in southwestern Nigeria. It is the capital and largest city in Ondo State of Nigeria. In 2016, the city had an estimated population of 403,000. But today, the population is estimated to be around 637,458 and still increasing as people from different parts of the country troop in daily.

Furthermore, Akure is seen as an agricultural trade center for crops like maize, rice, cassava, bananas, rice, palm oil and kernels, okra, rubber, pumpkins, and coffee. The town also has industries, electronics manufacturing, soft drink bottling, weaving, and pottery making that have employed many Akure indigenes.

Lastly, Akure has a host of tertiary institutions such as the Federal College of Agriculture, The Federal University of Technology Akure, and the School of Nursing Midwifery.

Summary of Flight from Abuja to Akure

  • Time of Flight: 1 hour for a nonstop flight
  • Flying Distance: 323 km 
  • Average Flights Price: $63 – $ 70
  • Boarding Time: 6 am
  • Train Ticket: N/A

Distance from Abuja to Akure by Flight

The distance from Abuja to Akure by flight is 323 kilometers (201 miles), while the driving distance from Abuja to Akure is 422 kilometers (262 miles).

You will spend not less than 1-hour airborne to get to Abuja. Moreover, some airlines take more than these due to some delaying factors.

Flight Ticket from Abuja to Akure

The cost of a flight ticket from Abuja to Akure varies due to one or two factors. On average, a flight ticket from Abuja International Airport to Akure Airport is between $63 and $70 (NGN 47,907 – NGN 60,000) in Nigerian currency.

Whether you are taking first-class, business, or economy-class flight tickets, the amount should be between these figures, any variation won’t be far-fetched.

You are at liberty to make additional inquiries regarding last-minute flight tickets or others and make your comparison.

Airlines that Fly from Abuja To Akure

About Seven Airlines fly from Abuja to Akure daily. We have a list of a handful of them below:

Interestingly, Akure city has pleasant and fascinating places for tourist attraction. You will be surprised to see these unique places on your arrival.

Idanre Hills, Igbokoda Waterfront, Ebomi Lake Tourist Center, and Igbo Olodumare are all Akure City endowments. These places are great for swimming and picnicking.

The city is also blessed with pleasure parks, Gardens, and lots of hangout lounges located along strategic places that are easily accessible.

In addition, they have coordinated transport systems like Uber and Bolt seen everywhere to transport visitors to their various destinations.

Welcome to Akure City.

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