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The Best Pizza Spots in Abuja

The Best Pizza Spots in Abuja

In this article, I will be sharing with you some of the best pizza spots in Abuja. So if you are a sucker for pizzas, I will be mentioning some places you might want to try out for the most delicious pizzas you will ever try.

Have you ever seen anyone who doesn’t love pizza? No, I’m not sure. There’s just something about pizza that makes you feel like you’re in heaven after having a bite.

Have also you noticed that most times when you finish eating a good pizza, you are already thinking about when next you can have the experience again? It could be in the same place or it could be another place recommended by friends.

You can never go wrong by trying different pizza spots so read on to find out some of the best pizza spots in Abuja that you must visit.

Why Do People Love Pizza?


Before I go on to talk about the best pizza spots in Abuja, let us talk about why people love pizza so much. Have you ever thought about that? What is so special about pizza?

Could it be because pizza is so versatile? It comes in different shapes and sizes and it is so easy to customize based on the flavors and toppings you are craving.

You can eat pizza any time, hot or cold, alone or with friends and it does an excellent job of satisfying your cravings.

In case you didn’t know, pizza is actually a complete meal and it is healthy fast food.

Pizza, the smell and taste of it, releases serotonin in your brain. That is the feel-good hormone. Now you know why you feel so good after having pizza.

Now, let’s talk about the best pizza spots in Abuja.

Best Pizza Spots In Abuja

Figaro’s Pizza

Best pizza spots in abuja
Figaro’s Pizza

The reviews about Figaro’s Pizza alone attest to the fact that it’s one of the best pizza spots in Abuja. You know a place is good when people keep talking about it.

Some of the delicious flavors you can enjoy at this spot include Margherita pizza, mighty meat pizza, seafood pizza, Hawaiian pizza, African pizza, creamy garlic pizza and others.

Location: The Ruby Center, 762 Aminu Kano Cres, Wuse 2 904101, Abuja

Contact: 0815 098 1660

Galaxy Pizza

Best pizza spots in Abuja
Galaxy Pizza

Galaxy pizza will make you want to come back again and again and that makes it one of the best pizza spots in Abuja.

Part of the mouthwatering flavors you get to enjoy include Barbecue chicken pizza, Pizza Combo Fajitas, Chicken Mexicana Pizza, Broadway pizza, Chicken Shawarma pizza, and Philly Cheesesteak Pizza and many others.

Location: 2 atkampe street, off Adetokunbo Ademola Cres, Wuse 2, Abuja

Contact: 0811 276 0422


best pizza spots in Abuja

This is, without doubt, one of the best pizza spots in Abuja. Paparimz is blowing people’s minds away. This place could likely become one of your favorite pizza spots.

They have a variety of tasty pizza flavours including Double Meat Feast, Chicken Nayarita, Chilli Shrimps Pizza, Chicken Alfredo, Tandoori Spicy Chicken, Arabian Pizza and other equally mouth-watering offerings.

Location: Bangui Street, Off Atakpame St, Wuse 904101, Abuja

Pizza Jungle

best pizza spots in abuja
Pizza Jungle

Pizza Jungle is the bomb. It’s one of the best pizza spots in Abuja for its rich and savory pizzas. On Tuesdays, you can buy Itwo pizzas and get one for free. Exciting, isn’t it?

Location: Plot 527 Adetokunbo Ademola Cres, Wuse 2 904101, Abuja

Contact: 0805 521 3290

Zizi’s Pizza Abuja

Best pizza spots in abuja
Zizi’s Pizza

The pizza spot with every topping you can imagine, Zizi’s Pizza is one those pizza spots you can’t help but recommend to a friend. They have their signature pizza flavor called the Dough Factory Signature Pizza and they describe it as the king of pizzas. That is a tempting way to describe a pizza.

Location: A1 TUG Center, no 19 Aminu Kano Cres, Wuse 2, Abuja

Contact: 0704 401 0244

Gourmet Pizza Company

Best pizza spots in Abuja
Gourmet Pizza Company

This spot is your go-to for organic and savory pizzas. This spot is also perfect for you if you love a lot of veggies in your pizza.

Location: 20 Street, off IBB way., Thaba Tseka St, Abuja

Contact: 0811 100 0882

Do you know of any pizza place that should be on this list? Drop it in the comment box below.

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