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Are There Female-Only Gyms In Abuja?

Are There Female-Only Gyms In Abuja?

If you are wondering if there are female-only gyms in Abuja, yes, there are. And I will be sharing them with you in this article.

Why would a woman want to go to a female-only gym?

Some women feel safer and more comfortable in an environment where they are surrounded by other women.

At a female-only gym, women don’t have to worry about being ogled at or judged. They also feel it’s a way to concentrate more on their workout without attracting unwanted attention from the opposite sex.

A female-only gym can also be a comforting place for a woman who has had a bad experience with the opposite sex in a normal gym.

Some female-only gym even provide support systems for their members. So it feels more like a family than just a gym.

So if your reason for looking for a female-only gym is any of the ones I stated above or if you have your personal reasons, there are female-only gyms in Abuja for you.

Female-only Gyms In Abuja

Ella’s Place

Female-only gyms in abuja

Ella’s place is women-centric. There is a spa, a salon, and of course a gym. All with the purpose of helping women achieve what they need to look and feel great and build a healthy life.

The gym offers cardio and strength training. You can also participate in fitness classes including dance classes, abs and butt workout classes, yoga, zumba, aerobics classes, and salsa and ballet classes.

Ella’s place is located at 16 Ibrahim Jalo Waziri Street, Zone E Apo, Abuja.

Phone number: 0909 999 9874

Pinkinetics Fitness Studio

Female-only gyms in Abuja

If you need a place with dedicated coaches and instructors where you will feel welcome and motivated, Pinkinetics Fitness Studio is the right place for you.

The gym offers aerobic training, cycling, and kickboxing. If you want personal training or private classes, those are also available.

Pinkinetics Fitness Studio is located at Mabushi 900108, Abuja.

Phone number: 0908 235 8000

Check out these places and don’t forget to come back and gist us about your experience.

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