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Is Jabi Abuja A Good Place To Live In?

Is Jabi Abuja A Good Place To Live In?

Do you want to find out whether Jabi Abuja would be a nice neighborhood to live? Then keep reading to find out.

Overview of Jabi Abuja

Jabi Abuja

Jabi Abuja is one of the districts in Phase 2 Abuja, a beautiful and serene neighborhood, and, of course, a developed one. This is one of the well-known districts which has so much going for it. For one, it is one of the Abuja’s core retail, leisure, and cultural areas. For a city that is located outside Abuja’s inner area, the neighborhood is one of the most sought and most popular in Abuja.

Is Jabi a Good Place to live?

If you are relocating to Abuja for the first and are wondering whether Jabi Abuja is a good place to live, here is what you need to know. There are two sides to Jabi. There is the residential side which is a lot quieter side of the district, and it is full of really beautiful houses, huge and gated beautiful houses occupied by many upperclass people, with trees lining the streets.

And there is the other side of Jabi, which is a lot busier. This side of Jabi is where most of the commercial activities in the district go down with places like the Jabi Lake Mall to spice up things.

Jabi’s has great infrastructure, a lot of popular landmarks both in and around the district, and a lot of hangout spots. So if that’s something you love to have in any neighborhood you live in, Jabi has it going on.

Some Notable and Popular Places in Jabi Abuja

Jabi has some excellent hospitals including Nisa Premier Hospital, Federal Medical Center, Tabitha Medical Center, just to mention a few.

Some of the most popular schools include Whiteplains British School, Bellevue Elementary School, and International Community School, and these are just a few of the many influential schools in the district. And some churches you can find in the district are Assemblies of God, Redeemed Christain Church of God, Salvation Ministries, Catholic churches, and many others.

Jabi Abuja has the biggest interstate bus park known as Jabi Park, from where you can get vehicles travelling to every part of the country. There are other motor parks too, such as ABC transport and the Abia Line.

As for hangout spots, Jabi has more than enough. You have the Jabi Recreational Park, the Jabi Lake Mall where you can shop for anything, the Jabi Boat Club, and I can’t not mention the Jabi Lake, which is a beautiful manmade lake in jabi.

Jabi Abuja

There are nice eateries and restaurants too such as Argungu, Serendib Restaurant and Bar, Coco Cafe, Aldo’s restaurant, SV Chrome, and so many others depending on what you want. Let’s not forget the lovely hotels in the district such Grand Cubana Hotels, Summit Villa Suites and Apartments, and Western Dreams Hotels, just to mention a few.

Getting Around

The closest neighborhoods to Jabi Abuja Kado towards the north, Utako towards the east, Life Camp towards to the west, Gwarinpa towards the northeast, and Dakibiyu towards the south. There is an excellent road network in the area which links to various parts of the city and other neighboring cities. You can access the Abuja Central Area through the Obafemi Awolowo Way, which runs through the district.

Some Of The Closest Bus Stops

jabi abuja
  • Jabi Central
  • C.N. Okoli
  • Berger
  • Wuse
  • Zone 3
  • Wuse Market
  • Zone 4
  • Life Camp
  • Zone 7
  • Area 10
  • Peace Park
  • Gilmore
  • Barracks
  • Area 8
  • Powerhouse Junction
  • Under Bridge
  • Waterboard Junction
  • Transformer
  • NNPC
  • CBN
  • Aya
  • Deeper Life
  • Area One
  • Kabusa
  • AREA 3
  • El-rufai
  • Vera
  • Living Faith


Jabi is a developed district in the Phase 2 area of Abuja and it is a good place to live in, most especially for the high and middle class income earners. Did you find this article useful? Leave a comment in the comment section and follow for more updates.

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