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How to Relocate from Minna to Abuja

How to Relocate from Minna to Abuja

In this article, we are going to have an overview of how to relocate from Minna to Abuja.

Minna is the Capital City of Niger State, Nigeria. It is located in the North Central Geopolitical region, just like Abuja.

The proximity of Minna and Abuja makes the two cities share a lot of seminaries – from weather to even some aspects of culture.

Before we go further, here’s a summary of what you need to know:

Minna to Abuja Quick Facts

Distance: 151.5 km (by road)

Air Distance: 120 km

Travel Time by Road: 2 hr 38 min

Average Price: $5 – $9 (NGN 2,000 – NGN 4,000)

Flight Ticket: Check with Booking Agencies

Train Ticket: $7 and $14 (NGN 3,000 – NGN 6,000)

Traveling from Minna to Abuja

Talking about methods of travel, there are three ways you can get to Abuja from Minna. One way you can travel is by train, via Kaduna North, Kaduna-Rigasa, and Abuja.

Alternatively, you can travel by road in which case you can either take a taxi or use public transport.

Finally, you can get to Abuja from Minna the fastest way by taking your wings flying your way.

Main Routes from Minna, Niger State, to Abuja

There is only one major route connecting Minna and Abuja and that is via Mararaba-Makutu-Mapi Road. The journey lasts approximately 2 hr 38 min.

Distance between Minna and Abuja

The road distance between Minna and Abuja is approximately 151.5 km. Air distance (as a crow flies) is approximately 120 km (75 miles).

Minna to Abuja Cost of Transportation

Depending on the mode of transportation you decide to use, the cost of transportation from Minna to Abuja varies. Going by road using public transport, you are expected to spend between $5 and $9 (NGN 2,000 – NGN 4,000).

Taxi will cost you a little more, because of the extra convenience attached. If you want that convenience, then budget that you will spend between $40 and $50 (NGN 17,000 – NGN 20,000).

As an alternative, going by train comes in handy. Train tickets from Minna to Abuja cost between $7 and $14 (NGN 3,000 – NGN 6,000).

Minna to Abuja by Air

The fastest way to get t Abuja from Minna is to fly from Minna (MXJ) to Abuja (ABV). To get the best prices, you can check with travel and booking agencies. Some notable booking agencies to check may include Wakanow and Cheap Flights.

Note, however, that Minna (MXJ) to Abuja (ABV) flight is cheaper on Wednesday and Thursday every week.

How to Move your Luggage from Minna to Abuja

One aspect of relocation that is always difficult is when it comes to moving heavy luggage. Luckily, there are courier services that you will find useful when it comes to this.

And as always, DHL, FedEx, and NIPOST are your best options. You can also check other local courier companies operating in Minna, Niger State.

Popular courier services to check out in Minna include:

  • Jesmi Logistics and Courier Services (0706 882 4906)
  • BAMS Delivery Services (0705 727 2624)

Also, check out some interstate moving companies that offer delivery services nationwide.


Abuja and Minna share a lot in common being in the same geopolitical region. You will find Abuja a wonderful place to stay.

If you are looking for cheap places to live in Abuja, we suggest that you consider staying in the suburbs.

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