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How Much is Abuja to Dutse by Road?

How Much is Abuja to Dutse by Road?

How Much is Abuja to Dutse by Road

In this article, we take a look at how much it will cost you to travel from Abuja to Dutse by road. The information provided here will be a brief and complete answer to the question “how much is Abuja to Dutse by road?”

The next section highlights a few quick tips to keep handy.

Quick Facts

Distance: 518.3 km

Fastest Route: Via Kaduna – Kano Rd/Zaria Rd/A2

Time Duration: 8 hr 12 min

Bus Ticket Price: $20 – $25

How Much is Abuja to Jigawa?

Depending on all other factors, the journey from Abuja to Dutse, Jigawa State will cost between $20 and $25. The journey is stretched over some 518.3 km.

How Many Hours is Dutse from Abuja by Road?

It will take approximately 8 hours and 12 minutes to ply the 518 km Abuja to Dutse road. The fastest route to follow should be the Kaduna – Kano Rd/Zaria Rd/A2 route.

What to Consider when Choosing Abuja to Dutse

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a bus for your Abuja- Dutse trip.


The route that the bus takes is a very important determinant factor when considering the bus to choose. If there are alternative routes to be taken apart from the one you know, seek out answers as to why.

If you are not sure about the route the bus is taking and clear explanations are given to you as to why, kindly switch transport company.


There are so many transport companies operating on this very route, and each company charges bus fares based on the services it offers.

Go with the transport company that best suits your budget.


If you want to get to Dutse early, then you must consider buses with early take-off times. Late buses will cause unnecessary delays which may affect the time to will eventually get to your destination.

These questions and more of the likes will help determine the kind of bus you are to board. 


Check for extra packages offered by the driving company that will enhance your comfort and convenience. While you are in it, don’t forget that these extra services come at a price.

Put your budget under the radar even when going for convenience.

Important Travel Tips

We have a couple of suggestions, especially for people visiting Dutse for the first time. Here we go:

  1. Be extra security conscious. There is no safer highway in Nigeria today.
  2. On the night before the journey, make sure you get some proper sleep.
  3. Leave your house early for the bus terminal so that you will get to your destination early.
  4. Keep your valuables where you can see them. Only heavy luggage should be in the trunk.
  5. Do not over-socialize with some passengers. Some people travel with criminal intentions.
  6. Drive with the driver by keeping an eye on all road signs.
  7. Maintain a steady communication flow both ways- that is with someone at home and the destination you are going.

Hope that this article helps in facilitating your trip from Abuja to Dutse.  

With this says, enjoy your trip.

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