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How Much is Abuja to Damaturu by Road?

How Much is Abuja to Damaturu by Road?

If you want to travel from Abuja to Damaturu and want to find out how much is Abuja to Damaturu by road, then you will not just exit your browser without reading this article.

Damaturu is the capital city of Yobe State, North-Eastern Nigeria. The location of the city in the savannah supports the cultivation of crops like sorghum, millet, peanuts, and more.

In addition, Damaturu serves as an important market center located between Potiskum and Maiduguri.

Before we go deep, here are a few details that shouldn’t escape your mind.

Quick Facts

Distance: 708.5 km

Shortest Route: Via A3

Travel Duration: 9 hr 34 min

Bus Ticket Price: $35

How Much is Transport from Abuja to Yobe?

The cost of transportation from Abuja to Damaturu, Yobe State, is approximately $35. The road via A3 covers a total distance of 708.5 km.

How Much is Road from Abuja to Damaturu?

The total distance from Abuja to Damaturu via A3 is 708.5 km. This journey takes approximately 9 hours and 34 minutes.

Things to Consider When Choosing Abuja to Damaturu Bus

There are always things to consider before you embark on any journey. Notable things you need to put in mind before you embark on your Abuja to Damaturu voyage include the following:


The first thing to consider when choosing a bus from Abuja to Damaturu is your budget. This is very important as you cannot travel without first penning down how you expect to spend throughout the journey.


There is only one major route that connects Abuja directly with Damaturu. This, however, does not stop buses from taking other alternative routes for special reasons.

If for any reason there is going to be a diversion on this route, you should be informed right from the park. If you are ok with the move, you take the bus. Else, you look for another bus.

Location of Terminal

As with any journey, we always advise that you take advantage of any bus terminal that is located proximal to where you stay.

The idea is to always go for the terminal that is close to where you stay.


Some transport companies offer air-conditioned vehicles throughout the journey, while others can afford to offer passengers some snacks along the way.

Whatever the case, stick to what is convenient for you.

Important Tips for Travellers

Just before we go, remember to:

  • Prepare and leave your house early.
  • Get some good sleep the night before the journey.
  • Make sure you empty your bowels before leaving your house in the morning.
  • Some face masks would be necessary in order to abide by Covid-19 travel restrictions.
  • Carry some extra clothing because of changes in weather.
  • Leave your house early even though it is a short trip.
  • Read signposts to know your whereabouts.
  • Remind the driver of your get-off destination as you are approaching the town.
  • Keep a good communication flow with someone at home or the destination you are headed to.
  • Be open to learning, as you will experience some little culture shock in the new environment.

Do have a stress-free journey, from all of us at

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