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State liaison Offices are just like embassies, they represent the interest of the state. They make it easy for citizens or indigenes of that state to process some documentation or resolve certain issues. Liaison Office means a place to act as a channel of communication between the principal place (State of Origin) and the citizen.

– Definition

About State

Abia State also known as God’s own state is one of the five South Eastern Nigerian states with predominantly Igbo people.

We’re known for our rich arts and culture, vast human resources, technology, industry and unmatched record for talents in almost areas of of life.

We as a government is putting together all these God given gifts to steer the state to its peak of development of progress.

We welcome you to our Home, feel free to learn anything about us, what you can do and things going on in Abia God’s own state.


Okezie Ikpeazu

Executive Governor

Visits: 80




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