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Scholarship: European Student Assembly 2023

Scholarship: European Student Assembly 2023

European Student Assembly 2023

Applications are now being accepted for the 2023 European Student Assembly. The European Student Assembly is a grassroots initiative that annually brings together over 200 students from the majority of European University Alliances to discuss hot-button issues, create political recommendations for the continent’s future, and promote those recommendations to key players and decision-makers.

A steering group made up of students and academic and non-academic staff members from various higher education institutions wholly created and organized the European Student Assembly, one of the flagship projects of the European Universities Community.

European Student Assembly

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European Student Assembly 2023 Program Objectives

  • Speaking for the ESA from many nations, backgrounds, academic fields, and levels of study, all chosen for their commitment and drive.
  • Encouraging student involvement in European Student Assembly while fostering their inter-group cooperation and boosting the influence and exposure of the organization.
  • Promoting the use of deliberative procedures to bridge the gap between citizens and decision-makers and revitalize European democracy.
  • Encourage students to participate more actively in European democratic processes by getting them involved in local, national, and European politics.

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Open to college students from all countries, academic specialties, and levels of study as long as they are enrolled in a university that is a member of one of the 44 Erasmus+ European University Alliances.
  • Applications for participant or panel coordinator positions are welcome from students who never had the chance to join European Student Assembly.
  • Students who submitted applications for the inaugural ESA but were not chosen are welcome to submit applications as a participant or panel coordinators.
  • Only panel coordinator applications from participants in the inaugural edition of ESA will be considered.
  • Please note that faculty members cannot apply unless they are Ph.D. candidates.

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Application Process

They will prompt you to indicate whether you want to apply as a participant only, a panel coordinator only, or as both while filling out the form. In any case, only one application needs to be submitted. You should know students who participated in the inaugural ESA competition may only apply to be panel coordinators.

Apply here

For more information, visit European Student Assembly 2023

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