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Ahmad Maqari – Chief Imam of National Mosque, Abuja

Ahmad Maqari – Chief Imam of National Mosque, Abuja

Born on September 15, 1976, Prof. Ibrahim Ahmad Maqari in Nigeria’s Kaduna state’s Zaria City. Professor Maqari is the principal imam of the Abuja National Mosque in Nigeria, as well as a mufassir and cleric.

Early life

Prof. Maqari was born in Zaria, Nigeria, into a middle-class family. His father was a civil servant and a teacher, and his grandfather, originally from Borno state, came to Zaria to study Islamic education and fiqh before returning to his hometown of Borno to teach.

At that time, the Emir of Zazzau forbade him from leaving Zaria and declared in Hausa, “Malamai basa zuwa garin shi su bar garin,” that “No academics would come to his town and depart after obtaining Knowledge.” The Emir then offered him a place to dwell close to Zazzau Emirate.

Sheikh Ibrahim Ahmad Maqari Education

Ahmad Maqari

In 1987, Prof. Maqari began his primary education in the Nigerian state of Katsina. From 13 to 14, Sheikh Maqari memorized the Holy Qur’an. He then attended Jama’atu College of Arabic Studies in Zaria, Kaduna state, for secondary education.

Sheikh Maqari earned his first bachelor’s degree in education from Cairo’s renowned Al-Azhar University in 1999. He obtained his master’s degree from Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria in 2005 as well. He then went to Beyero University in Kano for his Ph.D. in 2009, finishing his Ph.D. in just two years.

Professor Ibrahim Maqari began giving lectures at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria in 1999. In 2010, he received a senior lecturer appointment at Kaduna State University. After spending almost one-year lecturing, Professor Ibrahim Maqari proceeded to Bayero University Kano, where he served as a professor in the Arabic and linguistics department, and he retired in 2020.

Sheikh Ibrahim Ahmad Maqari Books

  • New Generation 3
  • Alzzahirat Alsalafiat
  • Shi’eri Hubbul Ilaahy
  • A’alamus shi’eril muusahah
  • Alhawaa wabina’is Suratu shi’ri Yahya Annufaahki
  • Attanaasu Bai Al Limtisasi wal’Intisasi. etc.

Chief Imam

Prof Maqari Is the current imam of National Mosque Abuja

Frequently Asked Questions

Which mosque is the biggest in Nigeria?

The Kaduna Central Mosque, also known as the Sultan Bello Mosque, is one of the biggest mosques in Kaduna State, Nigeria. It was constructed in 1962.

Who is the Imam of the National Mosque Abuja?

Sheikh Ahmad Onilewura, Dr. Muhammad Kabir Adam, and Ibrahim Ahmad Maqari. On November 15, 2017, the Murshid took up duties, combining the roles of Chief Imam and Administrative Head of the National Mosque.

Why is the Abuja National Mosque important?

The National Mosque Abuja was constructed as a symbol of Nigeria’s Islamic heritage. Muslims from all across the area are welcome to attend daily and special prayers at the mosque, including the Jumat ceremony on Fridays.

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