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Capital Science Academy has established and consolidated its reputation for providing holistic education experience for our young generation. Our highly -effective academic approach is geared towards improving the Quality of learning at our school


Capital Science Academy is a co-educational boarding school for approximately 600 students from the ages of 10 – 16. We offer the Nigerian Curriculum, as well as an option for those students who qualify to study in addition for GCSE examinations.

Thus we ensure that we open up a range of post-16 pathways for our students, whether those be to schools overseas or to the best opportunities here in Nigeria. Capital Science Academy enjoys a number of close relationships with post-16 providers, and more are being developed all the time.

We have enjoyed considerable continuity of leadership since our foundation and a high level of stability in our teaching staff over the years, and this has enabled the School to grow and develop carefully and in sympathy always with what has gone before. We have quite a number of our Pioneer Staff still with us, and their presence helps us to ensure that our past informs our present and contributes to the way in which we plan for our future.

Our beautiful campus affords us more than enough space to have separate and distinct academic and residential areas, as well as a range of buildings, each serving its own purpose. These are described in more detail under “Grounds and Facilities”.

Junior School

our Junior School curriculum has been planned to provide a strong foundation for success for all our students through to their senior studies.

During their three years in the Junior Secondary School, students study the following subjects contained in the National Curriculum: English studies, Mathematics, Basic Science and Technology (Basic Science, Basic Technology, Information Technology and Physical and Health Education), Business Studies, French, Nigerian Language, Pre-Vocational (Home Economics, Agricultural Science and Entrepreneurship), Religious Studies (Christian Religious Studies/Islamic Religious Studies), National Values (Social Studies, Civic Education and Security Education), Cultural and Creative Arts and Arabic (optional)

There is continuing support through all the students’ years at Capital Science Academy, on a curriculum enriched with Information Communication Technology, Literacy and Numeracy, Health Education, Enterprise Skills, Problem Solving Skills and Study Skills

In JS3 students are entered in the Junior National Examinations; the Basic Education Certificate Examination; BECE; for the award of the Junior School Certificate.

A student is expected to sit for a minimum of ten(10) subjects and a maximum of eleven(11).

A student is considered to have passed the BECE if he/she passes six (6) subjects including English and Mathematics.

Senior School

In the Senior School, we believe in developing 21st century leaders by providing a well-balanced education. We believe also that the learning process is a continuous activity which occurs throughout the life time of an individual; this should therefore encourage global critical thinkers who will explore and experiment within and outside the walls of a classroom.

Admission into Senior School

Before the students are admitted to the Senior Secondary School, a number of career talks are given to them whilst they are in JS 3. Usually, a team of professionals is brought in to encourage the students and guide them in the professions available to them. Admission is also possible for transfer students but not without an entrance examination plus a brief interview of the candidate and the parent.

Strands in CSA Senior School

Though a science school with eight well equipped Science Laboratories, well trained teachers and Laboratory Technologists with vast experience, CSA has provision for about 15% Social Science and 15% Arts students.

The following are the strands available for respective career paths.

Academic Clinics/Support

In the Senior School, we ensure that all learning abilities are catered for, including the provision of small-group teaching and out-of-class support for students finding difficulties with any of the subjects leading to their chosen career paths. A small number of students each year are provided with Individual Educational Plan (IEP). These students meet periodically with senior academic staff, to discuss and devise strategies to help such students to achieve at the highest level possible in their subjects.

ir external examinations. This programme commences as soon as they enter SS3. WAEC Examiners in every subject are invited to work with the SS3 students with a ‘fine comb’ to ensure strict compliance to the External Examination Ethics. Over the years, this has proved to be very effective. 2nd term holiday for the SS3s is always not available for the students because an extension programme is usually arranged to further support their academic studies and examination preparation. Examinations in CSA.

Internal examinations are made to be of the WAEC standard, whether as practical or theory papers. External Examinatons: As a Nigerian School with International interest the Senior School prepares students for: WAEC, NECO, JAMB, SAT, IGCSE, IELTS. The results to date have been remarkable.


Admission to Capital Science Academy Day School is by an entrance test for all students. The normal point of entry is into Junior Secondary 1 (JS1) at age 10+ and age 3 for reception but admission is possible to classes further up the school. Each year, between January and July, we hold a number of admission examination sessions on Saturdays at the school. Details will be published on our website from November. Additional sessions take place at the school on set days, details of which can be obtained from the Public Relations Officer or the Head of school. Candidates for entry to Junior Secondary classes are examined in English Language, Mathematics and Reasoning

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