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Waptutors Academy also known as WA, is an educational platform for individuals who seek to acquire online digital skills from the comfort of their homes or remote locations since everything is done online with a basic require of just a smartphone with internet access. Waptutors Academy is a subsidiary of The WAPGROUP, a technology and entertainment company building tools to educate and entertain mankind.

About Waptutors

Waptutors Academy enables you to explore new tech career paths without having to worry about past experience. They can guide you into your next career journey with proper digital skills testing, training and career support.

Waptutors Academy is an impact-focused in-demand skills education platform for individuals who want to learn to work online, build successful careers and live life on their own terms.

Whether you are entering the job market as a newbie or finding a new career, they will provide you with various online training courses to support you to make your dream a reality.

Their courses are expertly designed with well-detailed lesson plans and their student testimonials all attest to the fact that they take great pride in their course offerings and provide only the best for their students.

They offer a broad range of online on-demand training courses and they envisioned a lot more for their students. Their training courses come with training video tutorials inside and access to WhatsApp groups of the facilitator where necessary.

Waptutors Academy offers students the ability to study anytime and anywhere. They provide various courses, training, services and products from reputable facilitators who are successful in their crafts, as they educate you via videos on how things are done, you are added to their WhatsApp groups, Private chats, a follow-up on WhatsApp, Email and phone. Students are given the opportunity to converse with the course facilitators directly, not only will they learn from their training courses, but they will also be properly mentored and guided.

People often dream of pursuing a degree or certification but never find the time to follow through. They are aware that life gets busy, and that is why their students have access to their courses and they can study them anywhere while still working. Their courses/training can be assessed via a PC, mobile phone or tablet; this implies that you can learn anywhere you go.

Once students gain access to their courses, they are offered up to date subject information for a lifetime! The video tutorials are updated easily, students are easily notified via SMS, email, Telegram and WhatsApp Groups about changes. You also get success digests in your email.

Courses offered by Waptutors Academy

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