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What Are The Most Expensive Estates In Abuja?

What Are The Most Expensive Estates In Abuja?

In this article, I will be talking about the most expensive estates in Abuja. So if you have been curious to know this detail, this article has everything you need to know. And I hope you enjoy reading.

There are numerous estates in Abuja, all different when it comes to size, how much they cost, and how aesthetically pleasing they are. In fact, the largest housing estate in West Africa is in Abuja. There are a lot of expensive estates in Abuja but for the sake of this article, I’ve narrowed it down to 10.

Most Expensive Estates In Abuja

Suncity Estate

Suncity estate is one of the oldest, largest, and most expensive estates in Abuja. It is located in Lokogoma, a residential area in Abuja. It takes about 50 minutes to drive around the estate from end to end so it is quite large. The roads in the Suncity estate are tarred and every apartment has beautifully sculpted shrubbery in front of them. The estate has covered drainages, promenades, street lights, schools, a hospital, hotels, and recreational centers. Suncity estate is fit for middle-class income earners who need a reasonable home. There are different home styles including terraced houses, semi-detached, and detached duplexes. The price range for houses is between 90 and 120 million for a five-bedroom apartment.

Hall 7 Estate

Most expensive estates in Abuja

Hall 7 has exceptionally high-quality properties, both commercial and residential, designed in contemporary styles. They are aiming for a luxurious private community that cannot be seen elsewhere. The homes are designed in 4 beautiful contemporary styles including super deluxe villas, deluxe villas, front villas, and bridge apartments. Property price is about 65 million naira for a 4-bedroom apartment and between 80 and 100 million naira for a 5-bedroom apartment.

River Park Estate

Most expensive estates in Abuja

River Park estate is located along airport road in Lugbe. It is regarded as one of the largest estates in Africa. The occupants of River Park estate are not only Nigerian but they include people from about 16 African countries. The estates has everything you need including malls, schools, and hospitals. It is an exclusive community designed with the upper-middle class in mind. The estate can take up to 42000 occupants. There are 11000 residential units in River Park estate, built as a cluster of 5 unique building styles. A 5-bedroom apartment costs between 100 and 120 million naira.

Cosgrove Estate

Most expensive estates in Abuja

Cosgrove estate is in Katampe beside Minister’s Hill, Maitama, a high-brow area in Abuja. The estate is about 38 hectares in size and there is an additional 2.99 hectares for recreational activities. Cosgrove estate has a wide range of homes including 4-bedroom penthouses and 7-bedroom duplexes. The mix of technology and architecture makes this estate unique. A 7-bedroom apartment goes for between 250 and 400 million naira.

Crown Court Estate

Most expensive estates in Abuja

Crown Court is a luxurious estate located in Mabushi, Abuja. It is a lifestyle estate measuring 5.97 hectares in size with 106 units of housing including condos, detached, and semi-detached homes. This is a high-class estate with individuals of high-earning power. The estate has an outstanding infrastructure. A 4-bedroom apartment costs about 100 million naira while a 5-bedroom apartment costs about 150 million naira.

Brains and Hammers Estate

Most expensive estates in Abuja

This is a fast-developing estate in Life Camp, Abuja with a lovely view of the hills. The estate has upwards of 350 housing units of various styles. The most expensive house in the Brains and Hammers estate cost over 100 hundred million naira while a five-bedroom apartment costs about 62 million naira.

Bellavue Estate

Most expensive estates in Abuja

Bellavue is also located in Life Camp, Abuja. The estate is 84000 square kilometers in size with beautifully constructed houses. It is the perfect estate for the privileged and people living in luxury. A 5-bedroom apartment costs about 185 million naira and 135 million naira for a 4-bedroom villa.

Palm Spring Estate

Most expensive estates in Abuja

Palm Springs is located in the Maitama hills and has stylish and modern homes and is about 38 hectares in size. The facilities in Palm Spring estate can be compared to what you can find in the best places in the world. A 4-bedroom apartment is about 150 million naira and a 5-bedroom duplex is about 180 million naira.

Godab Estate

Most expnlensive estates in Abuja

Godab estate is a beautiful and serene estate designed for high-income earners like government dignitaries and business tycoons. Godab estate is located in the Kafe district and it has exceptional facilities fit the class of people it is meant for. Apartment prices start from about 75 million naira while the most expensive apartment is about 200 million naira.

Aso Grove Estate

Mosf expensive estates in Abuja

Aso Grove is located in Maitama, Abuja and it is valued at 7.5 billion naira. There are 60 units of 5-bedroom houses each built on land measuring 750-meter squares. Aso Grove has excellent facilities that make life easy for its upper-middle class residents. A 4-bedroom detached apartment costs about 220 million naira while a 5-bedroom apartment costs about 250 million naira.


That’s it for the most expensive estates in Abuja. What are your thoughts about these places? Let me know in the comment section. And keep following for more updates about the city.

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