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Abuja which is the central Capital territory of Nigeria is a well planned city that has some of the most busiest markets in Nigeria.

This article looks at how unique and dynamic each market works and is aimed at helping you decide which is best for you, given your needs, budget and location. For more details on each market check our MAJOR MARKETS CATEGORY


This is inarguably the biggest market in the city and also the most popular market in the Abuja and it is because of it’s rowdiness and how resourceful the market is, not to talk about the revenue it generates daily from from cars going into the market.

Wuse market is located in zone 5 of wuse district and has proportionally affected the day to day activities of the area by making it very busy. It offers a glimpse of local life, with numerous stores and outlets selling everything from crafts to textile, jewelries, housewares, electronics, domestic appliance and fresh food items from all over the country. What is more interesting about this market is how organized it despite its versatility. A market that is so vast yet avails itself to accommodate all.

The weekend happens to be the most busiest days in the market and most traders make more sells on those days . “Aunty come buy market from me,” meaning ”Aunty come and patronize me” is a very popular statement used by sellers to lure in wandering buyers. Nonetheless, one open secret that is not so open is that buyers are advised to not follow the “obora” that are in every angle of the market volunteering to show them where they can purchase the item that brings them into the market. These self paid volunteers don’t own shops but direct buyers and by so doing inflate the original selling price to enable them make profit.

Wuse Market opens at 6am and closes by 6pm daily and although goods and services are expensive in the market, it holds the unshakable reputation of giving consumers whatever they are looking for in one market, in an organized setting and of great quality.


Garki market is another popular market in Abuja. Garki market is divided into two which is the NEW GARKI and the OLD Garki market. the new market mostly consist of tailors and it is called the GARKI INTERNATIONAL MARKET, while the old market is similar to that of wuse market. It is a bit larger than wuse market in terms of of landmass and commodities are slightly cheaper compared to wuse market. In this market, the commodities that are in abundance and could easily be purchased are confectionaries and clothing at an affordable rate.

Garki market has a decent parking space, well organized and coordinated atmosphere, considerable crowd and shares the same opening and closing time with Wuse Market.


Orange market is litreally the headquarters of affordable foodstuffs and vegetables in Abuja. It is located at maraba and One Unique thing about this market that distinguish it from other markets is that people from the far east and Delta such as Enugu, Abia, Akwa ibom, Bayelsa, comes to sell their food items and residents in Abuja don’t see distance as a barrier. Abuja residents who live as far as airport road and the surrounding estates are flood this market on Saturdays which is their main market day to buy very fresh and affordable food items.

It goes without saying that the major commodities sold in Orange market are food items and it if there is an award for the cheapest food stuff market in Abuja, Orange market will take it without a fight.


Nyanya Market is an average Abuja girl’s/boy’s bestfriend and in fact, gossip have it that, even the so called big boys and big girls’ get their Instagram clothes from this market. Well, we all know the Abuja packaging but let’s focus on this wonderful market that has saved more lives than corn and pear.

Nyanya market is known for its crazy traffic on Wednesdays which happens to be it’s market day where goods and services are high in demand and supply and even cheaper than other days. It mainly deals with second hand made clothes otherwise known as “okrika” or “bend down select”

Despite the awful ordeal that took place on April 14, 2014, a bomb blast which was perpetrated by the Boko Haram insurgents that claimed the lives of hundred of people, Abuja residents still find solace and comfort in the day to day activities of the Market and one spectacular thing that is commendable of this market is, it sells second hand materials at the cheaper rate compared to other satellite Markets in Abuja. To buttress this fact, some students from the University of Abuja attested that virtually all the clothes they bought from the Market are very cheap and appear more elegant and expensive and can even be compared to the designers of rich students and no one would know that they are second hand products.
Nyanya is actually in Nasarawa state, but due to it’s proximity to Abuja, the F.C.T, most people actually confuse it for Abuja and even at that, people would tolerate the high and crazy traffic of that area just to shop from there on Wednesdays.


Dutse market is located in Dutse just on your way to kubwa and the market days are Mondays. it is a big African food market where you can find indigenous food items and spices for preparing African cuisine, especially Nigerian to be precise. Parking lots are provided for shoppers with a little token that would be paid to the caretakers of the environment and It is popularly known for the variety of products you can get cheaply, ranging from food items to clothes and accessories.

It is a recommendable market to visit on Mondays if you want to prepare an African delicacy especially for residents around Dutse.


A vivacious market which is located close to life camp junction, along Gwagwa-Karimo way, off Jabi, Airport road Abuja. This market has been existent for more than two decades and also one of the most popular markets in Abuja. It is a village market where villagers come to buy and sell on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Most goods on display in the market are fairly used clothes. One prominent thing about this market is not just the thousands of people that troop in and out from different part of the country but rather the hassles people have to defy as posed by absence of good basic amenities to get to the market. The lamentable condition of the road that leads to the market is quite an eyesore and deplorable not to talk about the bad stress that vehicles that transport goods, the traders and customers are constantly face which is caused by the bone jarring potholes, damnable structures and impassable roads and worse during rainy season.

During rainy season, the whole market becomes muddy and this in turn makes it difficult for motorist to freely move from one place to another or struggle to find a place to park not to talk about the stench that oozes out from the stagnant water and heap of garbage at the end of the market that is very nauseating. Despite of all the disadvantages, people in Abuja still find the market appealing because of what it offers especially on Tuesdays and Fridays and this owes it to the variety of goods and services that are readily available and abundant at a much cheaper rate.

It is worthy of note that, traders from different markets such as Wuse market, Garki ultra modern market, among others leave their businesses to advertise and sell their goods every Tuesdays at Karimo market because they have better chances of making more sales and also purchasing fresh and quality goods at cheaper rate


The name defines it’s Uniqueness which is self explanatory. This market is located at kado market, Zuba Garki road, by life camp junction, Abuja. The name of this market explains how the market operate and it owes it’s uniqueness to the different variety of fishes which are been offloaded and sold everyday in the market.

If you are a pescatarian, then, this is the perfect market for you. It is organized into five sections namely; frozen fish, dried fish, fresh fish, smoked fish and agricultural produce. Other assorted seafood are also in abundance in this market. This feature makes it stand out from other markets. This fish business has been lucrative and profitable to most traders in the market and has given easy access to pescatarians to different varieties of fish. The major challenge facing the market is inadequate electricity supply. Apparently fish business cannot thrive neither will survive without electricity.


Each market has it’s own uniqueness and that’s what makes it stand out from the other and for anyone who struggles in deciding which market to would serve them better, it is easier to identify the needs and budget then choose the market that falls under the category.

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