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Is Abuja Safe For Tourists?

Is Abuja Safe For Tourists?

“Am I going to be safe in Nigeria?” Is Abuja safe for tourists?” Those are probably some of the questions boggling your mind as you make plans to travel to the country. And such questions about safety are normal questions for anyone who is traveling to any part of the world to ask.

But as someone from another nation or continent, you might have heard things about Abuja that don’t particularly sit well with you. And you are probably having mixed feelings about Nigeria as a whole, wondering if you would make it back to your country in one piece. Which gave rise to the question “Is Abuja safe for tourists?” This article will address your questions so read on.

Abuja became the capital city of Nigeria for its central location, easy accessibility, wholesome weather, and low population compared to Lagos State which used to be the capital of Nigeria. The current capital city has a cooler climate and is a lot less humid than Lagos.

In the Central Area of the city lies the national cultural institutes and city mall. The presidential palace, the Supreme Court, the National Assembly, the National Arboretum, the National Mosque, the National Christian Center, and Millennium Park are also located in the Central Area.

Is Abuja Safe For Tourists?

Abuja safe for tourists
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The capital city is where you will find most of the diplomatic communities in Nigeria as a whole. That piece of information alone attests to the fact that Abuja is a relatively secure place and therefore safe for tourists.

Contrary to what you’ve probably heard, Nigerians are very civil and respectful people. But just like every other place in the world, the country contains bad eggs too. No place is devoid of that.

So it’s all a matter of taking the necessary safety precautions as you prepare to visit Abuja. If you have figured out ways to keep yourself safe, you should be glad to know that the streets of Abuja are safe for tourists, just as it is for anybody else, to jog or take a leisure walk on during the day. And when it gets dark, you can freely enjoy the rich nightlife

Tips For A Safe Stay in Abuja

Avoid Flashy Jewelry

Flashy jewelries make you obvious to potential thieves. So you probably want to keep them under safe and lock where you are lodged.

Drink Safely

If you are going to be exploring and enjoying the local nightlife. which you should as it promises to be fun, then you want to consider drinking safely to avoid getting lost and finding yourself in dangerous neighborhoods or being a target for scams and robberies.

Do Your Research of Popular Scams

Knowing about ways that locals scam foreigners will prepare you to handle such situations if they ever arise.

Try To Blend In

Don’t make it obvious you are a tourist who doesn’t know their way around. If you get lost, don’t make it obvious you are lost. You probably want to try dressing like a local too.

Be Smart How You Handle Cash

You don’t want to go about with a large amount of money or with all your credit or debit cards in one place.

Use Safer Modes of Transportation

You want to try using Bolt or Uber to move around. And don’t forget to double check the driver’s info before getting in.

Always Check In With Friends and Family

Have people who always know about your itinerary and any change of plans that come up. And always check in with them at the end of each day when you get back to where you are lodging.


Don’t let anything stop you from visiting a place as wonderful as the capital city of Nigeria. Abuja is safe for tourists and has so many enjoyable experiences and exciting places in store for you.

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