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Abuja to Asaba by Flight

Abuja to Asaba by Flight

Lots of people travel to Asaba from Abuja for different reasons. Some prefer going by bus, while a handful of travelers prefer a flight.

Flight from Abuja to Asaba is done daily but depends on ticket bookings and flight schedules.

If you wish to travel from Abuja by flight,

This article will give you useful information like the distance to Asaba from Abuja Airlines before you book your travel.

Interesting Facts about Asaba

Asaba is a Riverine city and the capital of the oil Delta State of Nigeria. It is strategically located on a hill at the western edge of the majestic River Niger.

Asaba is known for social activities and amenities such as luxurious hotels, nightclubs, cinemas, malls, event centers, shopping malls, etc.

The city of Asaba has one of Nigeria’s largest ports by volume, which exports agricultural products to other states of Nigeria.

Interestingly the people host a yearly program known as Delta Yaddah which always usually attracts a series of gospel singers and celebrities. It’s a packed full event.

Moreso, Asaba has been an entrepôt for palm produce and other agricultural exports carried by the Asaba-Onitsha ferry.

Summary of Flight from Abuja to Asaba

  • Time of Flight: 2h 40m
  • Flying Distance: 318 km 
  • Average Flights Price: $160 – $190
  • Boarding Time: 6 am

Distance from Abuja to Asaba by Flight

There is a 318 km flight distance from Abuja to Asaba. The Shortest Time of flights from Abuja to Asaba is 2 hours 40 min.

Alternatively, you can board a bus from Asaba to Abuja via Awka, Owerri, and Abuja at around 12 h 53m.

Flight Ticket from Abuja to Asaba

The average flight ticket from Abuja International Airport to Asaba Delta is between $160 and $190 (NGN 160,500 NGN 143,500).

Although the price varies due to choice for first class, business or economy flight tickets respectively. Flight prices may also vary for late bookings.

Airlines that Fly from Abuja to Asaba

Not less than six domestic airlines convey passengers from Abuja to Asaba daily. They include;

Your arrival to Asaba, a beautiful city, won’t be strange to you. Visitors are always directed on how to reach their various destinations.

You can find buses, Uber, and bolt drivers that will assist you to reach your preferred destinations. The price you pay depends on your distance.

Fees for such movements are not too expensive because of price regulations from Bolt and Uber.

The city has lots of nice places where one can lodge or relax in the meantime. It is easy to have access to such areas.

Places like Umuagu-Eziagulu, Umuagu, Ugwuaji, Ogbe-Odu, Okpanam

Igbusa has comfortable resorts and lounges for relaxation.

One can also decide to have a taste of paradise at Abraka Turf and Country Club for fun and relaxation purposes.

The Abraka Turf and Country Club is an interesting spectacle of Mother Nature’s charming resources. You will be amazed by going there.

Wish you a safe trip to Asaba town.

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