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Best Places In Abuja To Live In

Best Places In Abuja To Live In

If relocating to Abuja is currently one of the things on your agenda, then you probably have questions about the best places in Abuja to live.

The fact that you are asking this question indicates that you have what it takes to live in areas in Abuja that are considered the bests of the bests. And those are the places that this article will be talking about.

By the time you finish reading this article, you should have been able to decide the place that best suits your preferences so read on.

There is so much thrill involved in relocating to the capital city of Nigeria. To be able to live in the best places in Abuja is anyone’s dream. It’s not at all difficult to guess why. Abuja is outstanding, compared to many other states in Nigeria.

Best places in Abuja

It is becoming a haven for many people as the city is considered one of the safest. It is a planned city. That means, Abuja didn’t just develop into what it is today, it was carefully planned from the beginning. The city symbolizes wealth and status to a lot of people and they want to have a share of it.

The number of people making their way to Abuja is evidenced in the rise in the sale of transport tickets confirmed by one of the Transport companies in Abuja. There is also a rise in the demand for accommodation to confirm that there is a daily influx of people to Abuja.

Now that you are also considering moving, let us talk about the best places in Abuja to help you decide just the ideal place to move to.

Best Places In Abuja To Live In


Best places in Abuja
Rosehill Group Limited

Asokoro is in the Phase 1 area of Abuja. So it is a secure, sophisticated, and high-brow area. If your goal is toward a luxurious lifestyle, it should be good news to know that this area is exclusive to that kind of living.

Asokoro is a place for high-class people. Aso Rock itself is located in Asokoro and so many prominent organizations such as ECOWAS and WHO have their secretariats there. So everything such as shopping, accommodation, health facilities, schools, markets, and roads are all top-notch.


Best places in Abuja

Maitama is also in the Phase 1 area of Abuja and a middle or lower-class earner will struggle to live in a place such as this. If you have the means, Maitama is one of the best places in Abuja for you.

Some places worthy of note that are located in Maitama include the British Council, INEC, Transcorp hotel, Sheraton hotel, Minister’s hill, Millenium park and so many more.


Jabi is in the Phase 2 area of Abuja and it is one of the best places in Abuja to live. It is a more affordable place to live in, compared to Maitama and Asoroko. But it is certainly a beautiful and serene place to start a new life..

Jabi is full of exquisite residences because it is mainly a residential area. And there are a number of excellent infrastructures and hang-out spots for both high-class and middle-class earners to enjoy.

The biggest interstate bus park in all of Abuja can be found in Jabi. It is known as Jabi Garage or Jabi park and you can travel to any part of Nigeria from there.


Best places in Abuja

Gwarimpa is among the most well-known residential areas in Abuja. Life there is so much more affordable. You still have access to facilities as good as the ones you can find in Asokoro or Maitama. Housing is more affordable. So this might be a good place to start as you think about where to move to in Abuja.


Best places in Abuja
Villa Afrika Realty

Wuse is one of the best places in Abuja to live because it is a place for all forms of commercial and business activities.

Wuse is the ideal place for you if are outgoing and love to explore exciting places. The area has an impressive cluster of high-quality restaurants, clubs, art galleries, and any place you can think of where you can go for fun.

Accommodation is very affordable so it wouldn’t be difficult to get a good apartment of your choice.

Other Places That Are Part Of The Best Places In Abuja

They include Garki, Apo, Jahi, Lugbe, Darki, Lokogoma, Utako, and Dawaki. These places are super affordable compared to the places listed above. They have the necessary infrastructures to make life easy for you. If you can’t afford the high-class luxurious lifestyle of Maitama or Asoroko, then you want to consider some of the places listed here.

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