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What Is The Biggest Hotel In Abuja?

What Is The Biggest Hotel In Abuja?

Are you curious to know what hotel is the biggest hotel in Abuja? Then keep reading.

There are hundreds of hotels in Abuja, serving people of different classes and capacities. But just like everything else, there are some hotels that belong in a class of their own. And they aren’t meant for just anybody. Except you are just going there to sightsee, which is what most people will ever be able to do at such hotels.

The hotels in that category are the likes of Sheraton, Fraser, and Transcorp which is going to be the focus of this article.

The Biggest Hotel In Abuja

Transcorp Hilton Hotel is the biggest hotel in Abuja. It doesn’t stop there. It is also the largest in the whole of Nigeria. It still doesn’t end there. It is also the most expensive hotel in Abuja and Nigeria.

Biggest Hotel In Abuja

It is located in Maitama, Abuja while another branch exists in Calabar. The hotel boasts a whopping 667 guest rooms and 20 meeting rooms. All luxuriously decorated, no crumbs left. The hotel is for you if your calling in life is to enjoy luxury to the maximum.

How Expensive Is The Biggest Hotel In Abuja?

The most expensive suite in Transcorp Hilton Hotel is 714 922 naira per night. That is the Executive Presidential Suite.

Other suites and their prices:

Biggest Hotel In Abuja
  • Presidential Suite – 523,497 naira
  • Executive Ambassador Suite – 377,672 naira
  • Ambassador Suite – 346,797 naira
  • Executive Royal Suite 267,472 naira
  • Business Executive Suite – 200,972 naira
  • Royal Suite – 190,047 naira
  • Business Suite – 160,122 naira

Guest room prices:

Biggest Hotel In Abuja
  • King Executive Royal Room – 188,622 naira
  • Royal Room – 144,922 naira
  • King Executive Deluxe Rooms – 137,322 naira
  • Family Connecting Rooms – 135,433 naira
  • King Executive Room – 134,472 naira
  • Twin Executive Rooms – 125,922 naira
  • King Deluxe Rooms – 97,422 naira
  • King Guest Rooms – 90,725 naira
  • Twin Guest Rooms – 83,172 naira

Amenities In The Transcorp Hilton Hotel

Biggest Hotel In Abuja

All the amenities you can enjoy at the hotel include free parking, concierge, tennis, casino, meeting rooms, fitness centers, room service, outdoor pool, executive lounge, on-site restaurant, and business center. They also have a lot of accessibility features for disabled people.

Have you been to the biggest hotel in Abuja? Why don’t you share your experience below in the comment box?

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