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How Many Hours is Yola to Abuja by Road?

How Many Hours is Yola to Abuja by Road?

Do you know how many hours is from Yola to Abuja by road? I guess you don’t. Don’t worry; this article will give you just the right answers you need.

In addition to the driving time from Yola to Abuja by road, this article will also inform you of the route to take, the cost of transportation, and the total distance between the two cities.

So as you prepare to digest the details, let’s take you on a walkover by looking at some of the important summaries of the Yola-Abuja journey.

Yola to Abuja by Road Quick Summary

  • Fastest Route: Gombe – Yola Road/A345
  • Driving Time: 12 hours and 27 min
  • Driving Distance: 788.5 km

How Many Hours is Yola to Abuja by Road?

It will take approximately 12 hours and 27 minutes to travel from Yola to Abuja by road. This is just minutes more than the travel time between Lagos and Abuja, which takes only about 12 hours and 3 minutes.

It is a pretty long way from Yola to Abuja due to the distance and also the fact that you are traveling from the North-Central to the Northeast.

As always, one or two factors may mitigate this travel time, thereby either making it longer or cutting it short as the case may be.

Factors that may affect the travel time would normally include one of the following:

  • The situation on the road (potholes, illegal checks)
  • Traffic jams, roadblocks, and other traffic inconsistencies
  • Weather condition
  • Speed of the vehicle
  • The driver’s skills
  • The nature of the vehicle and engine strength

If there are alternative routes, this travel time may also be altered by a few minutes to probably an hour.

How much is Yola to Abuja by Road?

The cost of transportation between Yola and Abuja by road is approximately $30 to $35. However, one or two conditions may result in this transport fare.

  • The transport company in question. Some government-owned transport companies tend to charge a little less that private-owned transport companies.
  • Conditions like fuel scarcity – when there is less fuel in supply, the cost of transportation ultimately goes high.
  • The season at which you are traveling – festive periods attract many travelers and hence a resultant hike in transport fares.
  • The nature of seating arrangement in the bus
  • The nature or type of the vehicle
  • Other convenience factors such as air-conditioning and the rest.

What is the Distance between Yola and Abuja by road?

The shortest route to travel from Yola to Abuja is via the Gombe – Yola Road/A345. On this route, the approximate distance from Yola to Abuja by road is 788.5 km.

Unless you don’t keep to this route, you would not have any issues with elongated travel distances. It is in your best interest to find out the route your driver is plying before paying for your bus ticket.


Yola to Abuja is another pretty long you need to prepare well before embarking upon. It is advisable that you get to the bus terminal in Yola on time, so as to pick your best seating location.

We wish you a stress-free journey.

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