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How To Beat The Nyanya-Mararaba Traffic

How To Beat The Nyanya-Mararaba Traffic


The Nyanya-Mararaba traffic is no longer news to an Abuja resident and has been a thorn in the flesh of many road users most especially Civil Servants who constitute the working forces in Abuja and the major residents in the area due the affordability of houses in the area, not neglecting other people like traders and other unskilled workers who have their work and market places situated in Abuja. This article looks at areas that could assist road users in easily accessing this road without much trouble and most especially, the best time to beat the traffic.

About Nyanya Mararaba

The bromance between Nyanya-Mararaba is one that could take only a familiar resident to differentiate as both have common features especially boundaries. In most cases many people of Mararaba resident easily claim to be FCT resident because of the Stone Throw distance.

Nyanya being an area under AMAC, a local Government Area under Abuja, is the most common pathway to entering Abuja for majority who resides in kurudu, Karu site, Mararaba, Ado, Masaka and even Keffi. As expected it’s a busy place more significantly because of it’s market, The Nyanya market and also it’s popular motor park which conveys travelers to far and distant parts of the country. Mararaba on the other hand, could easily pass as Oshodi or Ajegunle in Lagos, this is because it is ever busy. Mararaba has no day nor night activities because the road is always busy not forgetting the buying and selling that runs all day. One amazing fact about this place is that, they have no specific day for the market as it’s market population almost remains the same everyday even though Sunday tends to be the most. There’s no way you live in this place and not adapt to the jungle style of learning how to cross the roads without expecting any driver to slow down for you.

The Major Causes of The Historical Traffic

The worrisome Nyanya Mararaba traffic that would make bolt drivers cancel your ride whenever you book a ride to that area or have you wondering if you somehow woke in Lagos could be related to quite a number of causes and factors that has continuously kept it over the course of time.

Apart from the mass population in that area which is already a given, another factor that contributes to the unbearable traffic in that area is the roads. Even though the Nyanya Mararaba road is a Federal one, it still haven’t spared it from the disaster of dilapidating. It’s even worse during the raining season as there’s water logging at almost every turn you make. The bad road have majorly been the source of this traffic as those trying to ply through Keffi and Abuja respectively always get caught up in this traffic.

One will expect that the traffic would be at least be minimized with the repair and expansion that was very recently done but to the surprise of everyone, it has made little or no difference at all. The residents in that area still find themselves stuck in that traffic for hours. Civil servants, school children, skilled works are many people going into town daily or returning after a long day are either late in the morning or return home very late because of the traffic.

Also, another cause of the traffic in this area is roadside markets. Both Nyanya and Mararaba respectively have their markets situated along the roadside and this has heavily affected the free flow of people as both marketers and road users are always involved in mutual conflicts as to who should use the road. On several occasions you could see traders displaying their goods on the pedestrian walk hence pushing pedestal into the main roads leaving cars and motorcycles with little space to pass through. It is an open secret that road side markets always come with heavy traffics and Nyanya Mararaba is no exception.

Additionally, the pick and drop that is a major transport medium that area, is another factor for the rather increasing traffic in the area . It is very common though this approach is unethical and motorist in Nyanya Mararaba are making fortunes from it, hence, it has become the new normal. Since there’s a market along the roadside, they do not bother finding a safe place to park but instead park at road while picking and dropping other passengers thereby keeping other road users behind them in wait.

Best Ways To Beat The Nyanya Mararaba Traffic

Residents have testified that the most effective way to beat the Nyanya Mararaba traffic is time. It has been said that the traffic is usually heated at 8AM and 4PM, in this regard, for people going out of the area into town, it is advised to wake up early and leave the house before 6AM before the traffic starts developing and this is in fact, the best time for people going into the area or passing through the area as the morning rush is from the lane of those going into town. This technique is largely related to the Lagos living style.

Another way can easily be said for people living in the area to own a personal car. This is not a very easy suggestion considering the standard of living of majority of residents but in this part of town it is another way to beat the traffic. Owning a personal car will save resident the long wait of waiting for the buses that are allowed to go into town to arrive and also the time it takes a load passengers in the buses which is popularly called ‘El Rufai Bus’ because it was introduced during his time in office as the then Minister of Abuja. This Bus in it’s size could convey at least, thirty people of people at once and what’s more, the drivers don’t agree to move except the buses are filled to the required number and this is understandable because that is the only way they can make profit.

Furthermore, the use of shortcuts is yet another way to beat the traffic, although, the shortcuts are still limited as it still links all to the Karu bridge which is another place where the traffic is heated but then again, it could save couple of minutes in the traffic. The left bend by the Sa’ahbi hotel and Karu International market takes one all across the Mararaba market up to the boundary of Nyanya and it is easily accessible for those on the Keffi lane. While on the Abuja lane one could use the right bend on the Aso lane and come out upfront at the Abacha road. Notwithstanding, many opt for trekking their way out of the traffic then continue with the road when it’s free upfront.

Things to Avoid While on The Nyanya Mararaba Traffic

Heavy traffics laden roads are known to be targets for pick pocketers and phone snatchers so it’s strongly advised that passengers, most especially those sitting close to the doors and windows to keep their valuables in protected places close to them and also leave their properties in their bags while waiting on the road or in even during the rush to enter into the vehicle. The road welcomes all kinds of people, the genuine hustlers and the road hustlers who make it from taking from others.

Another important thing to avoid is the habit of buying drinks and snacks or when it becomes a necessity, it is advised to have just the exact amount needed to buy them as on several occasions, those traffic hawkers tend to flee with buyers remaining balance which could put them at a lost.

Lastly, it is very important to avoid alighting at certain areas, most especially if it’s not a junction. This is largely for security reasons as there have been records of one chance vehicles, also the stress of using the pedestrian bridge is shortened.


Conclusively, despite the many negative impressions about the Nyanya Mararaba Traffic, the road is not as bad as it has been painted and this articles has been able to look out how best to beat the traffic for both those coming out of the area and those going into the area. It has also successfully amplified the best time to go through the route and the things people can do and not do when going through the road using the simple rules and doing all that is required.

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