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How to Relocate from Akure to Abuja 

How to Relocate from Akure to Abuja 

A sizable number of people travel to Abuja City every day for reasons best known to them. On your next relocation move, here’s heads-up on how to relocate from Akure to Abuja.

Spend a few minutes and read through this article and get first-hand information about the Abuja federal capital territory FCT.

Abuja is the capital city of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It lies in the middle of the country. There are mountainous Aso rocks seen around the city making it appear like an alluvial plane as you look from a distance.

Many Nigerians and foreigners rush to Abuja daily for different purposes. Some go for political appointments, conferences, jobs, business, and so forth and so on.

If you eventually want to visit Abuja today, Below is a summary of what to expect as you travel to FCT.

Distance: 468.2 km 

Travel Time By Road: 8 hours 21 min

Average Price: NGN7,000 – NGN 11,000

Boarding Time: 6 am

Flight Ticket: US$120 – US$140

Flight Time: 1 hour 

Train Ticket: N/A

Main Routes from Ondo to Abuja

Public Buses and private cars can travel to Abuja from Ondo Akure through these routes;

● Lokoja-Abaji-Dawliko Rd covering a distance of 8 hr 21 min (468.2 km)

● Ilorin-Egbe-Lokoja Rd and Lokoja-Abaji-Dawliko Rd covering a distance of 8 hr 50 min (504.3 km)

Distance between Akure and Abuja

The distance between Akure and Abuja is approximately 8 hr 21 min 468.2 km by road. Most Transport systems that don’t get to Abuja at this hour do not have one or two delays on the road. Factors responsible for these time differences may include vehicle type, speed, road conditions, traffic jams, hoodlums, etc.

Akure to Abuja Cost of Transportation

It will cost approximately NGN7000 – NGN 11,000 to travel down to Abuja by mass transit bus. Price differences may also be due to the transport company, illegal road taxes, vehicle model, hoodlums on expressways, and force majeure

There are a handful of transportation buses legally licensed to ply Ondo Akure to Abuja daily. These Mass transit buses that convey passengers via Ondo Akure to Abuja include; 

● Kos Deliveries.

● GUO Transport

● Ondo Akure State Transport Services

● Southern Connect Limited

● Peace Mass Transit

● YME Express Services and a handful of others to mention.

The above mass transit companies are licensed and Government approved to work as genuine transport systems. They guarantee 100% safety and ensure that no theft is recorded while making the trip

Akure to Abuja by Air

You can travel to Abuja by air from Ondo state. Many passengers, especially the elites, prioritize taking flights to meet up with their engagement on time. From Ondo to Abuja is approximately 1 hour 

The average air ticket fee from Ondo International Airport to Abuja is around US$120 – US$140 which is approximately NGN50,000 – NGN 59,000. The price, of course, depends on whether you are boarding an Economy flight, First class flight, Business flight, or Last minute flight, depending on your chosen preference.

You can always make further inquiries to ascertain the cheapest air ticket price today.

Interestingly, Abuja Environs is a safe dwelling place for all and sundry. The city also has exotic hotels and amusement parks where commuters and travelers can lodge or hang out for pleasure reasons.

You can as well check some very important tips for first-time visitors to Abuja, this will set you on the right pace.

If you want to take some time off before you resume work, a couple of vacation rentals in Abuja can be at your service.

Welcome to Abuja FCT.

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