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Interesting Things To Know About Millennium Park Abuja

Interesting Things To Know About Millennium Park Abuja

If you are reading this, you might have gone on several or uncountable trips to Millennium park if you live in Abuja.

But it’s possible to keep going to a place over and over again and still not know anything about the history of the place.

The fact that you are reading this article means you would love to know a bit more about a place you love to visit so much. You are in the right place for that so let’s get into it.

Is Millennium Park The Biggest Park In Abuja?

There are many notable and interesting parks in Abuja but Millennium park beats them all in size. yes, Millennium park is the largest park in Abuja and it is situated in the Maitama district, how cool is that?

Who Inaugurated Millennium Park?

The park was launched by someone you would not even think of if you were asked to guess who it is. Can you give it a try before I reveal who it is?

Millennium Park

Well, the park was inaugurated by none other but Queen Elizabeth the second. And the inauguration took place in December, 2003.

Other important personalities were also present that day including Olusegun Obasanjo, the former president of Nigeria and Tony Blair, the former UK Prime Minister.

Who Designed The Park?

The Millennium park was dreamed up and designed by Manfredi Nicoletti, a pioneer in architectural designs.

So a lot of things make the millennium park interesting. The park is divided into two parts by a river. There is a side of the park with unadulterated nature including the savannah, rainforest and deciduous forest.

Millennium park

Another side of the park, which corresponds to the main entrance has a Garden carved in an Italian style layout. On entering the park, there are fountains flanking the path. Very refreshing on days when the sun is burning hot.

Does Millennium Park Have A Waterfall?

There is a waterfall in the park. If you pay attention whenever you are visiting, you can actually hear the the calm rushing of the water. What makes that even more beautiful are the nature sounds of birds. Talk about ASMR by nature.

What Social Events Take Place In The Park?

A lot of social events take place at the millennium park. Birthday parties, engagement parties, burial ceremonies, retirement ceremonies and others. But for these, you would have to pay an amount depending the spot and the size of the spot you need. A useful tip, it’s smarter to book whatever spot you need weeks in advance to make sure others wouldn’t also book it.

But entrance is free for every other regular activities such as picnics or sightseeing.

How Is The Place Still Looking Well Maintained After All These Years?

The park undergoes careful and meticulous maintenance which is why it has maintained its shiny and new mien over the years. They also follow the latest trends in developing the place so it doesn’t ever get outdated.

Is It A Kid Friendly Environment?

Yes, the park is very kids friendly. There is even a designated area where kids can play, have fun, and meet other kids.

What Can You At The Park?

If you have a dog and you live around the park, it is an excellent place to take your dog for a walk. You can organize picnics with your family or friends. You can go there just to sight see and watch the birds. You will totally enjoy the place if you get creative about the ways you want to spend your time there.

So when you visit millennium park, how do you usually spend your time at the place? Make use of the comment box and let me know all about it.

If you enjoyed reading this article, you would also love reading about fun things you can do at Central Park, Abuja.

It’s nice having you here.

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