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How to Relocate from Maiduguri to Abuja

How to Relocate from Maiduguri to Abuja

There are two ways to get to Abuja from Maiduguri, via road, and by flight. In this article, we will provide you with the necessary information you need on how to relocate from Maiduguri to Abuja.

Below is a quick check on the basic information you need to know before embarking on this journey:

Maiduguri to Abuja Quick Facts

Distance: 856 km via A3

Travel Time: 11 hours and 34 minutes

Average Price: $25 (NGN 11,000)

Flight Ticket: $45 and $410

Flight Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Train Ticket: N/A

Maiduguri to Abuja Route

The major route you can ply to Abuja from Maiduguri is A3. The journey which is 856 km takes approximately 11 hours and 34 minutes to the destination, Abuja.

Distance between Maiduguri and Abuja

If you are traveling by road from Maiduguri to Abuja via A3, you are expected to cover a total distance of 856 km. The total time expected for this journey is 11 hours and 34 minutes.

Maiduguri to Abuja Cost of Transportation

When you are going by road, you are expected to spend nothing less than $25 (NGN 11,000) on public transport. Notable transport companies that ply the Maiduguri – Abuja road include:

  • Borno Express Corporation
  • Adamawa Sunshine Express
  • Kaga Transport Services
  • Galaxy Transportation and Construction Services Limited
  • GUO Transport Services

If you want to take the fastest way, you fly. Flying will cost you between $45 and $410, all things being equal.

Maiduguri to Abuja by Air

Flight tickets cost something between $45 and $410 depending on the airline company and other factors like whether you are boarding an economy class or first class. Flight time is about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Below is the flight schedule for Maiduguri (MIU) to Abuja (ABV) for the major airlines that run that particular route. Take note that flights from Maiduguri to Abuja are non-stop direct flights.

  Arik Air 418MIU – ABVM·W·F·S12:10 – 13:10
  Arik Air 971MIU – ABV·T·T·S·13:35 – 14:55
  Aero Nigeria 422MIU – ABV······S15:35 – 16:25

Moving your Luggage from Maiduguri to Abuja

As a major concern, you may be wondering how to move your home appliances and other valuables as you are relocating to Abuja. There are several options to go about this.

The first way you can get your heavy luggage moved to Abuja is by employing the services of one of the transport companies plying the road. They can be a wonderful resource to help you out with luggage movement.

As an alternative, you may want to use courier services. In this case, you are going to employ the services of companies such as FedEx, NIPOST, DHL, etc.

There are other moving and courier services that you may find useful, examples are Aarona Express Logistics and A. M. Couriers Limited.


We do hope that this article provided you with the basic information you need as you plan your relocation move from Maiduguri to Abuja. As you move into your new home, you may want to check out exciting places in Abuja. welcomes you to Nigeria’s capital city.

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