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Fun Things To Do On October 1st In Abuja

Fun Things To Do On October 1st In Abuja

Do you need some inspiration about fun things to do on October 1st in Abuja? I’ve got some ideas for you in this article that might interest you. So be sure to read all the way.

What Is October 1st in Nigeria?

The only people who might not know what October 1st represents in Nigeria would be newborn babies. Everybody else knows what day it is. October 1st represents the day that Nigeria got its freedom from British rule. It has become a yearly holiday in Nigeria and all schools and offices close, to celebrate Nigeria’s independence. Nigerians all over the world celebrate October 1st with parties, parades, bands and so many interesting activities. So in this article, I have put together a list of things you can try to celebrate this day.

Fun Things To Do On October 1st In Abuja

Since Independence day is supposed to be a fun-filled and happy day for every Nigerian, I have put together some suggestions things to on October 1st in Abuja that you would absolutely enjoy.

Visit The Discovery Museum

Things to do on October 1st

The Discovery Museum in the Art Tech District, Abuja is a digital museum and it’s Nigeria’s first. It is located at 7 Hombari Cresent, Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja and for fun things to do on October 1st in Abuja, Discovery Museum is a perfect place to visit.

Although learning about Nigeria’s history should not be something people do once a year, October 1st, our Independence day, should be a time when Nigerians reflect and look back to see how far Nigeria has come since the country got its independence.

The Discovery Museum is a place where you can learn new things about Nigeria in a fun way, so make it a date with Nigeria on October 1st at the Discovery Museum.

Join a Parade Around You

Things to do on October 1st

One of the things to do on October 1st is to join a parade around you. I’m sure there would be so much of that in Abuja. It is the capital city of Nigeria so we don’t expect less. To celebrate independence day, you can join a parade and dance and sing. I feel like that might be better than just being at home and watching TV, don’t you think?

Attend Events and Shows

So many events and shows would be going on on October 1st in Abuja so you can check them out on social media and look for one to attend that you would enjoy. It could be listening to a live band or attending a company event but the bottom line is to go out and celebrate Nigeria with fellow Nigerians.

Light Up The Night With Fire Works

One of the things to do on October 1st in Abuja that would be fun is lighting up the night with fireworks. This is something you can organize with friends. October 1st is a special day so it wouldn’t be bad go all out to make it fun.

Cook and Enjoy a Meal With Family and Friends

One of the things to do on October 1st in Abuja to cooking and enjoying a delicious meal with family and friends. Because October 1st is such a good time to gather together and reflect on Nigeria’s past.


There are plenty of fun things to do on October 1st in Abuja to celebrate Nigeria’s independence, but in this article, I have provided you with some suggestions in case you would need an inspiration.

Did you enjoy reading this article? Leave a comment below in the comment section and follow for more updates about the city.

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