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Buying Property In Abuja: What To Consider

Buying Property In Abuja: What To Consider

If buying property in Abuja such as land or a house is something you might be doing soon, that is a very big decision that anyone has to think through. And as you probably know, a lot goes into acquiring property, and in this article, you are going to find out some things to consider before buying property in Abuja.

What Are Things To Consider When Buying Property in Abuja?

Check out these 7 things to keep in mind before settling for a property:


When buying property in Abuja, either land or a house, location is a huge factor. Should you buy in a developed area or a developing part of Abuja? Properties in the developed parts of Abuja are already so expensive. While properties in developing areas are cheaper in comparison but gain in value over the years. So that is one thing you might want to think about.


Infrastructure in Abuja

Being able to easily find your way around your neighborhood and having access to other neighborhoods is a big thing. So buying property in a place with good road networks is something you want to consider.


Nowhere is totally safe but some neighborhoods have better security and security measures than others. So when buying property in an area, you want to find out about what security is like in the area and if the community has a measure in place to tackle security issues.

Zoning Restrictions

It’s always a good idea to check in with what the government has said about and planned for an area. That is why you should get familiar with the zoning permit. For instance, if the government has earmarked a particular area for residential buildings alone, that’s something you need to know if you plan to buy land for commercial purposes.

Soil Quality

This is something you need to know if you plan to buy land not just in Abuja but anywhere. To know the soil quality of an area, a soil test has to be carried out. A soil test will help you know the bearing capacity of the soil. And that will in turn help the builder determine the proper construction technique and how deep the foundations should be laid.

Land Size

Buying property in Abuja

Buying property in Abuja whether it is land or a house requires some form of verification to know if you are getting exactly what is presented to you. So if you are buying land, something you want to make sure of is that the size of the land is what they say it really is. For this, you might need to get a surveyor to help you do a survey of the land and determine the actual measurement of the land.

Legal Documents

Buying property in Abuja or anywhere in Nigeria can get tricky if the right documents are not made available. If you are planning to buy a house, check out our article on how to buy a house in Abuja. Some of information in the article also applies to buying land.


Those are a few things to consider when buying property in Abuja. If you are wondering whether to buy an established house or buy land for the building of your own house, check out whether you should buy land or a house in Abuja. What else do you think should be on this list? Leave a comment below and follow for more updates.

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