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Is Apo A Good Place To Live In Abuja?

Is Apo A Good Place To Live In Abuja?

Do you want to find out if living in Apo would be a great choice? You have come to the right place. In this article, questions you have about Apo will be answered which will help you decide if living there is what you are looking for. So be sure to read till the end.

Where Is Apo In Abuja?

Abuja is divided into what are called districts. There are various districts in each local government areas, also called area councils, in Abuja. Apo is a district in Abuja located not too far from Abuja Central Business District. As a result, it is among the fast-growing and developing districts in Abuja.

The district has attracted a good number of investments, so there are many lovely housing estates that have been built or in the construction phase in Apo.

Is Apo a Residential or Commercial District?

The district is mostly residential. But it has enough commercial activities to sustain it. Due to all the investments that the place has attracted and the good infrastructure, a lot of people have found Apo a good choice when they are deciding where to live in Abuja.

The district is a peaceful one if that is something you care about. There is good infrastructure and good public services that are there to make life a little bit easier. And whenever you need to find a commercial space, a neighboring town called Gudu, which is not far from Apo, is a good place to go.

Social Amenities in Apo

The district has a good number of social amenities that are there to satisfy the people living in the district.


Some examples are the Novare Mall which provides an interesting place for families and people to enjoy shopping and dining, the Acropolis Park where you can enjoy various entertaining and relaxing activities, the mechanic village where you can to go to get any auto issues you have looked at, and Copa-Canana.

Getting Around

Places in Abuja that are located near the Apo district are Guzape towards the north east, Gaduwa towards the west, towards the south west is Lokogoma, and towards the north west is Gudu.

The Apo roundabout links the district to Asokoro and Garki. The Murtala Mohamed expressway way passes through the roundabout. Getting to the Abuja Central District takes about 15 minutes if you are going in a car.

Lands and Houses

The Apo district is fast becoming a fancier place where a lot of people want to live in. There are so many beautiful houses that you can find within lovely and classy estates. There is a mix of luxury and budget-friendly homes in the district. So if what you want is luxury, you will get it and if you want something much more friendly on your budget, you will certainly find that as well.

In comparison to places like Asokoro or Maitama, property price in this district is not so expensive. But because it is located not too far from the Central Business District, that influences the price oof properties and so Apo falls among one of the most expensive districts in Abuja.

Estates In Apo


The Apo district has some really lovely estates. When people talk about some of these estates, they say it feels like living abroad. There are estates for both low-income earners and high-class people. There are estates with very good security if that is a priority for you. Some estates are good for raising a family if that is something you are planning for.

Some estates in this district include:

  • Comfort Royal Estate, which is great for low-income earners.
  • Villa Nova Estate
  • FhA Apo-Guzape Estate. It has really good security
  • Brains and Hammers Estate, a very beautiful and gated estate.
  • Efab Estate
  • Vascumi Estate
  • Amina Court Apartments
  • Pleasant Places
  • Carter’s Court Estate
  • Savannah Estate
  • Centage Estate
  • Copa Cabana Homes and many more.

Is Apo a Good Place to Live?

The answer is yes. It is great for the high and low-income earners. It has good infrastructure and social amenities. And it is a great place to start or grow a family. It is a good place to live if you don’t want to stay in a place like the Central Business District but you want to live near there.


I hope this article has been able to answer some of the questions you might have on whether Apo is a good place to live in. If you enjoyed reading, leave a comment below and follow aroundabuja.cokm for more updates.

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