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What Is The Difference Between Wuse 2 And Wuse Zone 2?

What Is The Difference Between Wuse 2 And Wuse Zone 2?

If you are not very familiar with Wuse, Abuja, it is quite easy to confuse Wuse 2 and Wuse zone 2 and get both places all mixed up. It’s even possible to get lost trying to look for one and ending up in the other.

First of all, Wuse is a district situated in the Phase 1 region of Abuja. To the north of the district is the Maitama district and to the south is the Central district.

The population in Wuse is more than you will ever find in the other districts. Also, it is very easy to get to other parts of the Abuja like Maitama, guzape, Garki, or Asokoro because of the excellent road networks in Wuse.

wuse 2 and wuse zone 2

Wuse district is the part of Abuja where most of the commercial and business activities take place.

It has a lot of commercial establishments, restaurants and shopping centers that cater for all kinds of needs related to shopping, dining out etc.

The Wuse market is one of the major markets in Abuja. It’s in the Wuse district that you would find the city’s second most important post office.

Wuse is home to some prominent places such as the Sheraton hotel, City Park, the headquarters of the Federal Road Safety Corps, the headquarter of the Nigerian Customs Services, Grand Ibro International hotel, NAFDAC, and Wuse General Hospital.

When you talk about the best places to enjoy recreational activities in Abuja, Wuse will always make it to top of the list. This is where you will find some of the best restaurants and hang out spots such as night clubs.

You could easily describe Wuse as the most popular district and the best place for anyone to derive the most fun. Employment opportunities are also more easily available in this district. All these features are why a lot of people are drawn to Wuse from every corner of Abuja.

The Zones In Wuse

If you are very well familiar with Wuse, you will know that the place has various zones. So you hear people describe different parts of the district as Wuse zone this or wuse zone that. New comers will find this really confusing so if you are reading this and you are a new comer in Wuse, take note.

The Wuse district has a total of 7 zones that range from Zone 1 to Zone 7 which all have their own distinct features. Then there is an extension and that is the area they call Wuse 2. You can either call it Wuse extension or Wuse 2.

The Difference Between Wuse 2 And Wuse Zone 2

Wuse Zone 2 is part of the seven Wuse zones while Wuse 2 is what they refer to as Wuse extension. Wuse 2 is more well known and trendier than Wuse Zone 2 and all the other zones in Wuse. Wuse 2 is more developed and beautiful than other Wuse areas and it is home to quite a lot of well known places in Abuja.

So whenever you need to remember how Wuse 2 is different from Wuse zone 2, just recall that Wuse 2 is the most beautiful and most popular of them all.

So these are some of the differences between wuse 2 and wuse zone 2 that I found. I hope this article has helped you understand the difference between the two districts better, so that when addressing things related to them you can use the right term in context.

Thanks for reading till this point. Did you enjoy this article? Then you will also enjoy reading the best phases in Abuja.

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