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What Are Great Picnic Spots In Abuja?

What Are Great Picnic Spots In Abuja?

Are you looking for ideas for great picnic spots in Abuja? Well, you have come to the right place because I have some fantastic suggestions for you. So be sure to read till the end.

Why Are Picnics Good For You?

picnic spots in Abuja

If you are not yet a fan of picnics, here are some reasons why going out for picnics from time to time is always a good idea. Picnics can be good for you because it has several benefits. Picnics let you breathe in some fresh air. It’s not a good idea to only breathe indoor air all day,especially when you work in an office. Some good, clean air will help you feel rejuvenated.

Picnics are also a good time to spend some quality moments bonding with family and friends. Time with friends doesn’t always have to be something big or fancy. Sometimes, simple picnic meals out on the grass are all you need to create the best memories.

Picnics are stress relievers. They help you unwind after a hectic work week. There is something about just being out in nature, under the sky, breathing in clean air that provides you with a mood boost. And of course, going out for picnics provides you with some dose of much needed Vitamin D.

Great Picnic Spots In Abuja

Without further ado, here are some suggestions of excellent picnic spots in Abuja that you should try.

picnic spots in abuja

Millenium Park

This is Abuja’s largest park. It is free for everyone and one of the best picnic spots in Abuja. You can bring your own foods and drinks or you could get food from kiosks and vendors available at the gate. You can also visit with a large group. Mats are available in case you forget or wouldn’t be able to bring one along. And they have made it compulsory to come along with your vaccination card if you are going to be granted access to the park. Millenium park is at 5 Usuma St, Three Arms Zone, Abuja.

Central Park

They have grounds where you can have your picnics, but it comes with charges. And if you would love to try other activities besides picnicking, you can give Go-kart riding or mini golfing a go. The park is also children friendly as well, so if you are coming with kids; you have nothing to worry about. More than enough restaurants are on standby too, if you would love to give one of them a try. Central park is at 70 Kur Mohammed Ave, Garki 1, Abuja.

Sarius Palmetum

Sarius Palmetum is one of the most fantastic picnic spots in Abuja. Picnic here is 2000 naira per person and the fee also grants you access to have a look at their stunning botanical garden. Sarius Palmetum is at 3259 Ibrahim Babangida Blvd, Maitama, Abuja and you would need to come with a mat.

Jabi Recreational Park

Access to the Jabi park is free. It’s not usually a very quiet spot, so if quiet is what you are going for, you might want to try National Chidren’s Park and Zoo. Jabi lake park has some really great spots for picnics and it would be ideal for you if you love to be around many people. Jabi lake park is at 26 Alex Ekwueme Way, Jabi, Abuja.

National Children’s Park & Zoo Abuja

If you don’t fancy crowds and you just want to have a peaceful picnic moment, the National Children’s park and zoo is your best bet. Entry fee is 500 naira and 300 naira for adults and children, respectively. You need to bring your meals because there is no place to get food in the park. The park is along Asokoro Expressway at Wu Bassey Barracks.

Acropolis Park

Acropolis park is in Apo district and it is one of the nicest picnic spots in Abuja because of the lovely view. You could bring your own meals or you could get them from any of the various restaurants available. Entry fee at the Acropolis park is 1000 naira per person when you are more than 2 persons visiting.


Those are some of the outstanding picnic spots in Abuja to try where you will have an amazing time. Have you been to any of these spots before? You can share your experience in the comment section. And keep following around Abuja blog for more updates.

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