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Which Area Is Life Camp In Abuja?

Which Area Is Life Camp In Abuja?

In this article, you are going to find out all the important things to know about an area in Abuja called Life Camp. So make sure to read till the end and leave your thoughts about the place in the comment section.

Overview of Life Camp Abuja

Life Camp

Life camp is one of the districts in the Phase 3 area of Abuja. In case you probably don’t know, Abuja is divided into phases for ease of identification and there are five phases in Abuja. Phase 3 is the third most developed phase and that is the area where Life Camp is located in.

The Life Camp district is a residential district, quiet and peaceful. Security in the district is really good and in case you are wondering how developed the place is, it is quite developed. From this district, you have privilege of getting quite an impressive view of Abuja.

This district is where you will find the official residence of the minister of the Federal Capital Territory. That probably explains why it is a secure area.

Social Amenities in The District

If you are wondering about how well-equipped the district is when it comes to social amenities, the answer is the area has several basic amenities to enjoy. There are several parks where you can have a walk on a cool evening or picnics with family and friends. And there are good restaurants where you can enjoy some really good meals. One of the popular parks in Life Camp is the Rabby Recreational Park. Other well-known places include Hilltop, the Country Club, and the Clubhouse Restaurant. The highlight of this is getting to the Jabi Lake Mall.

Infrastructure in The District

The infrastructure in Life Camp is really good. And it’s one of the favorite districts for the expatriate community. Many large companies have a base in this district. One of the well-known ones is the Julius Berger construction company which has a staff quarter in the district.

Getting Around

The neighborhoods that encircle Life Camp include Gwarinpa on its northern side, Kado on the northeast side, Dakibiyu on the southeast side, Lugbe is towards the southwest on the same route as the Airport road, and on the west is Karsana.

The district has excellent road networks, making the place well-connected to other parts of Abuja. The Obafemi Awolowo Way which is close to the district connects it to the Abuja Central Area. It takes around a 15 minutes drive to get to the Central Area. The eastern side of Life Camp is bounded by Ring Road 2 which links it to other neighborhoods in Abuja such as Galadimawa.

Land and Houses in Life Camp

Life Camp Abuja

Big housing estates are a thing in this district and there are several of them with breathtaking and contemporary architecture. It is an upmarket district so properties in the area can be quite expensive. The location and nice environment are also factors that make properties pricey in the area. If you need somewhere to live that is not the inner area of Abuja but where you can easily access the inner area, Life Camp is a good choice.


Life Camp is located in Phase 3 of Abuja. It is a developed area and a good place to live in. Did you enjoy this article? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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