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Where Is Mabushi Located In Abuja?

Where Is Mabushi Located In Abuja?

In this article, you will find out about an area in Abuja known as Mabushi, where it is located, and other important things to know about the place. Be sure to read till the end and leave a thought in the comment section when you do so.

Overview of The Area


Mabushi is a district in the Phase 2 area of Abuja, one of the phases in Abuja. As a refresher, Phase 2 in Abuja is the second most developed phase after Phase 1. The other districts in Phase 2 include Jabi, Wuye, Katampe, Gaduwa, Utako, Durumi, Gudu, and others. The majority of the areas in this phase are developed with only a few lagging behind.

Mabushi is a lush area in the Abuja Municipal Area Council. It is located to the west of the city center and so it is a very urban district and it is well developed. One of the factors that contributed to that is its strategic location on the crossroads that lie between the inner and outer districts of Abuja.

Mabushi is a perfect mix of residential and commercial with a few government agencies sprinkled in. The district has a lot of beautiful greenery and the streets are lined with trees, which is one of the prominent features of the district.

Social Amenities in The District

Mabushi has more than enough social amenities in and around the district to satisfy its residents. These include parks where you can go to spend a relaxing evening, cafes, and clubs to spice up your night life. Some popular places where people like to frequent include the BluCabana restaurant, the Amala Place for Amala fans, and the Tobix park.

Getting Around In Mabushi

The district enjoys some really good infrastructure and excellent road networks that connect different parts of the city. The neighboring cities that surround the district are Jahi and Katampe on its northern side, Wuse on the eastern side, Utako and Jabi on the Northern side, and Kado on the western side.

On the northern side of the district is Ahmadu Bello Way and on the southern side is Shehu Yaradua Way. These are the two major roads that serve the area. Getting to the Abuja Central Area is about a 15 minutes drive. And getting to the Jabi Lake and Jabi Mall which are directly opposite take only 5 minutes.

Houses and Lands in Mabushi


The district is a nice and trendy one with beautiful homes just like in many other areas in Abuja. The security in the area is decent and it has an advantage for being located close to the Abuja Central Area. Being close to the Central Area means residents in Mabushi get to enjoy all that the Central Area has to offer while the district itself doesn’t have all the hustle bustle that is characteristic of the Central Area.

Property in Mabushi is on the expensive side, especially since the demand for homes is mostly from people in the mid-upper income range.


Mabushi is a lush and upscale neighborhood and a good place in Abuja to live. It is located in Phase 2 and in the Abuja Municipal Area Council. What do you think about the place? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section and follow for more updates.

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