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Which Area Is Galadimawa In Abuja?

Which Area Is Galadimawa In Abuja?

Do you want to find out where Galadimawa is in Abuja and the kind of area it is? Well, all you need to know is in this article so be sure to read till the end.

About Galadimawa


Galadimawa is one of the developing districts in Phase 3 Abuja. Abuja has 5 phases namely Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4, and Phase 5, Phase 1 being the most developed followed by the other phases in that order. Phase 3 is still a developing phase in Abuja and it has several districts including Lokogoma, Gwarinpa, Mbora, Dape, Kabusa, Karimo, Idu Industrial, Dakwo, Kafe, Wumba, and Galadimawa itself.

Abuja Phase 3 has some notable places including beautiful estates such as EFAB estate and Peace Court Estate, some companies such as Julius Berger and the Seven-Up Bottling Company. Some of the top schools in Phase 3 include the African University of Science and Technology, Esteem International School, and Harvard International School among others. And some of the top worship centers include Living Faith Church, Christ Embassy, Abubakar Assidiq Mosque, and Corner Shop Mosque.

Phase 3 area of Abuja is very populated with people from different walks of life. Some of the major markets in this area include Karimo Market, one of the most visited in Phase 3, the Idu furniture market for your furniture needs, and the Kado Rico Market. The area also has some nice shopping malls which include Spar Supermarket, Danjam Plaza, and Dankoli Center among others.

Galadimawa is located in the Abuja Municipal Area Council, one of the best local government areas out of 774 in Nigeria and the best-run in Abuja. The Area Council that Galadimawa is located in is home to the Aso Villa and many of the federal ministries and embassies in Abuja.

Infrastructure in Galadimawa

Infrastructure such as road networks in Galadimawa is not really the best but they are developing. And the district is situated, and strategically so, near the some of Abuja’s largest housing estates.

The district is also located near the Lokogoma Expressway which is an advantage for Galadimawa because of the access to a number of social, commercial, and educational establishments that it provides. So whenever you need to do things like shopping, dining, and other leisure activities, there is always a place to go.

Getting Around

Galadimawa is surrounded by some neighboring towns such as Games Village on the north, Duboyi on the northeast, Lokogoma on the west, and both Gwarinpa and Life Camp on the north west.It takes about 20 minutes to get to the Central Area and Azikiwe International Airport is not hard to locate from this area.

Land and Properties in Galadimawa


Like most areas in Abuja Phase 3, homes are very affordable. Because of its access to a lot of important landmarks in Abuja, it is advantageous to live in a place like Galadimawa. And that makes the district an area of interest for developers and investors.


Galadimawa is a nice area in Abuja. And because it is a budget-friendly neighborhood, it would make a good place to move to if that is the kind of place that interests you. What do you think about this area? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section and follow for more updates.

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