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Gaduwa Abuja: Neighborhood Information

Gaduwa Abuja: Neighborhood Information

Do you need helpful neighborhood information about Gaduwa Abuja? You are in the right place. Keep reading to learn more about this area in Abuja and be sure to read till the end. The information in this article is useful for anyone who is relocating from another state or another city in Abuja or anyone who just wants to know about this area. If that’s you, have a good read.

Overview of Gaduwa Abuja Neighborhood

Gaduwa Abuja is a district in the Phase 2 area of the Federal Capital Territory located towards the west of the Abuja city center. It is mainly a residential district, that is to say, the district is made up of mostly residential structures than commercial structures and it is a developing district.

It is one of the rapidly developing neighborhoods in Abuja with several construction projects in the works, new housing, and growing leisure and entertainment facilities springing up in the neighborhood.

Gaduwa Abuja which is beautifully endowed with lush greenery, is located in a peaceful part of Abuja. It does not have the noise and distractions that are so normal with central areas in Abuja. The district is situated near Garki and Gudu, which are busier districts with more commercial presence.

The residents in the area mostly comprise people who make a sustainable income, which helps them able to afford the cost of living in the district, which is not very expensive.

Infrastructure and Amenities in Gaduwa Abuja

Gaduwa district has good infrastructure and there are sufficient amenities available to residents such as supermarkets, gyms, bars, parks, and many others. There is the Gaduwa Shopping Plaza where you can get most of the things you would need and it sells really affordable stuff, just like the prices you will get in general markets. Another place you can shop is at Grand Towers. Grand Towers is in Gudu, a very nearby district but residents of Gaduwa also go there for shopping.

Some of the other interesting places in Gaduwa Abuja are Prince Ebeano Supermarket, Obudu Grill House where, it is said, sells one of the best grills and steak cuts you would ever have, Greenview Garden, Threepalms Fortunes, Joseph Court Hospitality, Princeton Cafeteria, and many others.

Getting Around Gaduwa Abuja

Gaduwa Abuja

Gaduwa Abuja is located between Abuja inner and outer region, the crossroads between those regions. And the district links very well to various other parts of the city.

Gudu borders Gaduwa on its northern side, in the eastern part of the district is Apo Dutse, Lokogoma borders the district on the southern side of the district, while Duboyi borders the district on the western side.

While the road network is still developing, some of the main roads serving the area area are Ring Road 2, Oladipo Diya Street, and Ahmadu Bello Way. Getting to Abuja Central Business District takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Land and Houses in Gaduwa Abuja

Gaduwa Abuja

Gaduwa has several housing estates which are all beautifully built with awesome architecture. You can find all kinds of accommodation in the area, from bungalows to flats. Houses and lands in Gaduwa are reasonably priced. And if you choose to reside here, you will be at an advantage because the district is very close to the Abuja Central Area.


Gaduwa Abuja is a nice and quiet neighborhood to live because the cost of living is not so expensive and the area has sufficient infrastructure and amenities and the district links well with other cities.

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