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Dakibiyu Abuja: Neighborhood Information

Dakibiyu Abuja: Neighborhood Information

This article is on Dakibiyu Abuja, a neighborhood in Abuja. If you want to learn about this area, keep reading to discover important information about the area and be sure to read till the end.

Overview of Dakibiyu Abuja

Dakibiyu Abuja is one of Abuja’s outer districts located west of the city center. Dakibiyu is in the phase 2 area of the Federal Capital Territory and is one of the few areas in Phase 2 that is not fully developed yet. The district is more of a residential district, which means, you will find more residential homes than commercial places. When you compare this district to other districts like Wuye or Life Camp, both of which are districts in Phase 2 Abuja, Dakibiyu Abuja has not experienced quick growth like those areas.

Infrastructure and Social Amenities in Dakibiyu Abuja

Dakibiyu Abuja

Because the district is not fully developed yet, it doesn’t boast a full-fledged infrastructural development but the area enjoys a basic level of infrastructure in some areas. The area is seeing more significant development recently and the population in the area is on the rise as a result.

Due to the district’s still developing status, there aren’t so many social amenities directly within the confines of the district but that doesn’t pose much of an issue as the district is close to Utako and Jabi, which are more commercial in nature and residents from Dakibiyu can easily go to these areas for more leisure and commercial activities.

Some key places of interest in the district include Happy Island Amusement Park where kids can go and have fun with other kids, B10 leisure park, and Annapolis Auto Center where you can take your vehicle to in case of any issues.

Getting Around

Dakibiyu Abuja

Towards the north of Dakibiyu is Jabi, on the northeast of the district is Utako, toweds the east is Wuye, on the south is Kukwaba, and to the northwest is Life Camp.

The road network in Dakibiyu Abuja is still experiencing expansion but on the west of the district, Ring Road 2, a major expressway, links Dakibiyu with other Abuja outer districts. On the north of the district is the Obafemi Awolowo Way which links the district to Abuja Central Business District. Going to the central area is about 20 minute drive.

Land and Houses in Dakibiyu Abuja

Dakibiyu Abuja

Dakibiyu is a serene and peaceful neighborhood that has ample greeneries in some parts. Property is not on the cheap side in Phase 2 but Dakibiyu is one of the areas in Phase 2 where you can get very affordable land and houses. As a result, people in search of affordable homes have found this district a place of interest.

There is still more work to be done when it comes to infrastructural development, but the district sits on a great location and due to the quick growth the area has experienced in recent times, Dakibiyu is a great place to invest in real-estate wise.


Dakibiyu Abuja is a developing district in Phase 2 of Abuja. And it is an affordable and peaceful place to live in.

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