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Is Utako A Good Place To Live In Abuja?

Is Utako A Good Place To Live In Abuja?

The Federal Capital Territory has many lovely and beautiful places to live in. But according to a person’s taste, and most of the time, financial level, some places are more suitable than others. With that said, the focus of this article is a place in Abuja called Utako. If it is a good place for you to live in or not is totally up to you, but this article will help you decide if the place measures up to your expectations and budget. So be sure to read till the end and don’t forget to let me know what your thoughts are about Utako at the end of this article.

Overview of Utako

Utako is a district in the Federal Capital Territory. It is located in Phase 2 so it is a very developed and urban area in Abuja and the district is positioned directly north west to Abuja city center. The district is mainly a residential district with enough commercial establishments to create a balance. The greenery in the area is rich, and there are a lot of parks and open spaces that contribute to the overall appeal of the area.

Utako is only some minutes away from the Central Business District, so you will find a lot of posh nightclubs and restaurants making it one of the very popular areas in Abuja. There are also many lovely hotels that appeal to different tastes in the area. Due to all the nice amenities present in the district, it is not unusual to see people visiting from all around Abuja to enjoy the amenities.

One of the notable features of the district is that a lot of terminals belonging to several commercial transport companies are in the district. Some of them are Peace Mass Transit, God is Good Motors, and Chisco Transport.

Getting Around in Utako

Neighboring districts that surround Utako are Jabi on the west, Mabushi on the north, Wuye on the south, and Wuse on the east. The road network in the district is really good as it makes it easy to access other parts of the city and suburbs.

The major roads that serve this district are Obafemi Awolowo Way, Shehu Yaradua Way, and Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway. And getting to the Central Area takes about 10 minutes.

Land and House In Utako


The home options in Utako are very diverse. They include bungalows, terraces, duplexes, and apartments. It is also not unusual to find very large and posh mansions. There are various luxurious estates in the district, including Goshen Estate, Dove Court Estate, and Thuja Ville.

Since the district is a developed area, it has great infrastructure and the public services in the area are great too which is one of the reasons why the area is mostly sought after by high income earners. The price of proper is on the higher side but it is still more affordable when compared to places like Asokoro or Maitama. If you have any enquiry about lands and homes available in Utako, you can visit villa Afrika and Property Pro.


Utako is a developed area situated in Phase 2 Abuja. It is a good place to live in because it has good infrastructure and social amenities, and properties are cheaper than in places like Asokoro and Maitama. What do you think about the Utako district? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section and follow for more updates.

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