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Wuye Abuja: Neighborhood Information

Wuye Abuja: Neighborhood Information

Are you looking for helpful information about Wuye Abuja? You have come to the right place. Keep on reading to find out more about the area and be sure to read till the end.

Overview of Wuye Abuja

Wuye is one of the districts in Phase 2 of Abuja. It is a developed district, located towards the west of the city center. It is a beautiful urban environment, mainly a residential area, which spots federal housing government estates, private estates, and several social and commercial amenities.

As a Phase 2 district, Wuye is not as exclusive as the districts in Phase 1 but it is well developed and when it comes to more affordable cost of living, Wuye has it.

Wuye Abuja

Wuye is a real estate hotspot because it has garnered a lot of investments, both private and public. Property development is going on in the district at a significant rate, with many new estates being established while several others are in the works.

The people who live in Wuye are a mix of different classes and social statuses in society. Many of them are high-class individuals and the rest are artisans and commercial workers.

Infrastructure and Social Amenities in Wuye Abuja

Wuye enjoys a good level of infrastructure and social amenities which can be accessed easily by residents. Some notable estates in the district include Cosgrove Smart estate, Acacia Groove Estate, Nationwide Estate, Barumark Estate, and many others. They are some of the most beautiful estates in Phase 2 of Abuja.

Some well-known Christian worship centers present in Wuye Abuja are Family Worship Center, Anglican churches, Catholic churches, Christ Embassy, the Redeemed Christian Church of God, and several others. For Muslims, there is the Wuye Community Mosque.

Hospitals in the district include At-Taqwa Clinics and Maternity Limited, Zankli Medical Center and several others.

Wuye Abuja

The markets that residents of Wuye Abuja mostly frequent are the Wuse market, Garki Ultramodern market, and Utako market.

Getting Around

Wuye is bordered by Utako and Jabi towards its northern side, Wuse on the northeastern side, Kukwaba on the southern side, and Abuja Central Business District on the eastern side.

The main roads that serve this area are the Nnamdi Azikiew Expressway and Idris Gidado Street. Getting to the Central Area takes about a 10 minutes drive. And the neighborhood is also close to Airport Road which easily leads to the International Airport.

Land and Houses in Wuye Abuja

Wuye Abuja

In case you are wondering if Wuye is a good place to live in, it sure is as infrastructure keeps on improving and even the homes there are beautiful. The price of property is like what you will find in districts like Mabushi and Durumi. If what you need is a luxury home, you have that. And if you just need a standard home, you have that. No surprise there that higher income earners are seeking out the area.


Wuye Abuja is a developed district in Phase 2 of Abuja with a mix of high-income earners and middle-income earners as well as artisans and commercial workers. It is a beautiful area with good infrastructure and social amenities which makes it a good place to live in.

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